TTBMJ October: Falling for Feathers

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 The month of October seems like the perfect time to tickle your fancy with some fun feather inspired ideas! Sharing this sneak peek of some new Kathy Davis feather art fresh from the drawing board! Stay tuned in months to come to watch these feathers transform into new product still in development in our studio.

In the meantime, enjoy the feather trend with some of the ideas we’ve gathered, below. Fall and feathers seem to go together!

Enjoy all the beauties of the season!
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TTBMJ October

Design Trends: Nail Art
Feathers are everywhere—earrings, vests, hair extensions, and now nails! Polish You Pretty has an easy to follow tutorial for some Birds of a Feather nail art.

Fun Finds: Fall Feather Accessory
These fall feather accessories with golden accents are as beautiful as they are versatile! You can either wear them in your hair or use them as shoe clips. Check out Raearts’ etsy shop for more handmade items like this one.

Kids Art: Spaghetti Box Feathers
These brightly colored feathers are a fun craft for kids to do this fall. You need only 4 ingredients for this simple project using recycled materials. Create unique decorations, accessories and more! Imagine a paper turkey with tail feathers this brilliant! Head over to MADE for easy to follow instructions. 


DIY: Glitter Feather Garland
This glitter feather garland is great for Thanksgiving but can also easily be extended into the rest of the holiday season. Visit Sarah Hearts’ blog for a simple tutorial on how to make this festive garland.


Fashion: Feathers and Birds
During Fashion week earlier this year, we took a look ahead into Fall 2014 where some feathered friends were spotted. Fashion designers flocked to two distinct micro trends this season: feathers and birds. Designs are embellished with actual feathers or using bird motifs in prints or knits. Check out Accessories Magazine’s post for more feathered fashion inspiration!


Friends and Family: Feather Pen Pal Stationery Kit

As the holiday season approaches, we often find ourselves writing out Christmas cards or catching up with people we haven’t connected with in a while. Writing to someone requires the sacrifice of your time and really makes you think about what you want to say. This DIY is a beautiful way of instituting the art of letter writing. Visit Design Sponge’s DIY on how to make this feather pen pal stationery kit.


Charity: The White Feather Foundation
The White Feather Foundation embraces environmental and humanitarian issues such as clean water projects for those less fortunate. They have already funded and completed important projects relieving poverty and distress in Kenya, the Amazon Basin, Sri Lanka, Peru and Gambia as well as funding ecological projects in England.


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