KDS and ConKerr Cancer – Helping Ease the Fears of Kids in Hospitals

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A hospital stay is a frightening experience for adults, and even more so for children. The mission of ConKerr Cancer is to ease the fears of hospitalized children across North America and make them feel special by providing them with cheerful, individually sewn pillow cases that brighten their hospital stay – and even give them a chance to learn to sew during hospitalization!


Driven by thousands of volunteers across the country and around the world, ConKerr Cancer has delivered more than 860,000 pillowcases in just seven years to hospitals throughout the country, creating “miles of pillowcase smiles” for the children and their parents.  To support this organization’s efforts, Kathy Davis Studios recently donated 450 yards of Kathy’s fabric for ConKerr Cancer to use to create their awesome pillowcases for kids in hospitals. For more information on ConKerr Cancer or to get involved, visit http://www.conkerrcancer.org.

Pictured above: KDS employees, Mary Anne and Linda, and Jeanne from ConKerr Cancer.

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  • Rina


    Beautiful! I was born with a rare birth defect that caused me spend weeks and months at a time in the hospital each year from age 5 to 22. I joke that my stays paid for one of the wings of the hospital.

    I would have given almost anything to have received something as colorful and happy as a simple pillowcase. It can get really depressing, scary and boring being trapped in a hospital enduring tests and procedures for days on end.

    I’m in my early 60’s now and still have to do the hospital visits occasionally but since discovering ConKerr about a year ago I have been making as many pillowcases as I can. I’m on a very limited disability income but still manage to squeeze out a few dollars each month for fabric for the kids. If I am really careful and use coupons I can usually get enough fabric for at least ten each month. It may not be a lot but I know that each one is going to bring a little joy to a child and that’s what it’s all about.

    I applaud Kathy Davis Studios for donating so much fabric to the cause, that’s about 450 pillowcases that will let 450 kids forget about their struggles for a little while. Well done!

  • Rena


    What a wonderful thing to do! Amazing with just one persons gift how many others it can effect, even those it brought together to make each pillowcase.

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