Joy through Art… at my old Alma Mater

Mar 23, 2011


This week I was honored to be a guest at West Chester University’s President’s Dinner. President Greg Weisenstein and his wife, Sandra were the charming hosts of a beautiful dinner held in the impressive Autograph Library at the University.

WCU is where I received my bachelor’s degree in elementary education. While at West Chester, art was my minor field of study, and my love for all things creative was ignited there, thanks to some great professors! One of my favorites was my ceramics teacher, John Baker, who is now “Dr. Baker” – the chairman of WCU’s Art Department.

Before the dinner, John invited us to attend the WCU Alumni Exhibition in Mitchell Hall. Exhibiting alumni included Igor Roussanoff, Drew Jordan, Jim Podziomek, Elena Mascherino amd Jimmer Breen. The variety of work was impressive, and I especially loved the large portrait paintings done by Elena and Jimmer.

Thanks, WCU, for a wonderful journey back in time and an inspiring jolt of what is yet to be.



Here I am with “Dr. Baker” in the Mitchell Hall gallery



Portrait painter Jimmer Breen with his oil painting entitled “Dude”



Portraits by Elena Mascherino (collage using magazine paper!)
and Jimmer Breen (oil).



Ceramic word mural in Mitchell Hall