“Everything is Interesting” by Katie Atkinson

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Please join us on October 24th from 5-7pm for the opening reception of “Everything is Interesting” by Katie Atkinson. Come and enjoy the artwork, light refreshments and conversation. See below for more details from the exhibiting artist.

Hope to see you there!

Artist’s Statement:
The world is a very interesting place. Architectural lines, patterns in shadows, beauty in nature, color or lack of it, odd elements and geometric relationships all create visual texture and compelling compositions that catch my eye at every turn. Recording these images with a camera offers endless possibilities, and I’m often looking overhead or below my feet for inspiration. As a painter, I’m drawn to color and movement and am intrigued by what happens when these elements guide my creative process. I find that if I paint without a plan, allowing each brush stroke to inform the next, bold things happen. This collection of work combines images from the world around me as well as my inner world, images that remind me…everything is interesting.

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