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The joys of Wedding Planning!

Names: Meghann and Shaun

How long you have been married?  5 years

Tip: Talk to each other about everything; plans, dreams, hopes, feelings. My husband and I always try to take some time during the day to talk no matter how busy we are.

(Meghann is a senior designer at KDS)

This month’s style guide, “Classic Getaway,” is inspired by Kathy’s Poppy collection, as well as one of my favorite ways to experience joy…through travel! First and foremost, what I love about these prints is that they’re bold and stunning in a classic way. The red and black florals are so timeless that they really could work on designs that span generations.

When I look at them, I dream about going back to a time when travel was a stylish affair. If I could, I would pack my red suitcase, head south and emerge someplace warm wearing an awesome sundress in one of these fantastic prints.


Image Sources:Airplane Suitcase Sunglasses Travel Wallet Vintage Airline Ad Striped Dress & Camera: found via


 So, I’ve finally designed my wedding invitation! I will wait to share my personal wedding details until after the big day, but I wanted to share some inspiration for what seems to be a huge trend in stationery these days. Lined envelopes! They really boost the visual impact of the package and are an inexpensive detail that packs a big punch. I’m working on my own unique way to incorporate this trend in my own invitation 🙂 Check these out!  Which is your favorite?

 Image credit:a. Martha Stewart Weddingsb. Unknownc. Etsyd. Oh So Beautiful Papere. Etsyf. Etsy

Once a month, one of our “crew” here at Kathy Davis Studios is assigned to present an inspiration board to our designers to inspire them as they create new rounds of greeting cards and product designs. This month it was my turn!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I was inspired by all things heart-shaped, because hearts are such a powerful symbol of love and beauty, and they so frequently make their way into Kathy Davis designs.

Here is my favorite selection of beautifully formed hearts, whether stitched, painted, drawn, sculpted or patterned! Enjoy and be inspired as you create your own Valentines!

Greetings from,Monika

*All images taken from Pinterest

A Kathy Davis take on the trends of the moment.By Valerie

Lately, I’ve been noticing lots of little houses popping up all over the home décor world. It’s perfect timing, really- especially as the winter chill and occasional cold can keep all of us at home for a spell. This pillow by Donna Wilson is my latest homey find.

I think it would be the perfect way to brighten up your winter blues – just like any of the patterns from Kathy’s adorable Houses collection!