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Don’t worry, be happy!


We all strive for ways to be more environmentally conscience as we go about our day-to-day lives. I know my fiancé and I are pretty diligent about recycling. We try to compost our food scraps and do our best to remember our reusable water bottles when we leave the house each morning.

In my wedding research it has been fun to see some of the unique ways people are making their weddings more eco-friendly. Here are a couple of the cool ideas we are considering as we go forward with our planning. I will share more of these in upcoming posts.

Bamboo disposable plates, cups and utensils:

These are really cute and I think perfect for a relaxed backyard wedding. Bamboo is a super sustainable resource and also very sturdy, making it much more practical then the standard disposable ware. It’s also a double bonus because it cuts down on the cost of renting china.


Ahh, composting. It’s an ugly job but I like to say, “We’re doing it for the worms”. There are companies that come after your event to pick up your food scraps and even those bamboo dishes! That way nothing really gets wasted and you don’t have dozens of trash bags to dispose of.


Bennett Compost is a local company here in Philly that offers compost pick up for events and even weekly pick ups at home.

Get a whiff of Tasty, our September 2012 theme release. It comes with an elegent new custom style for our Widgetkit Gallery with a minimalistic yet eye catching thumbnail navigation, which fits perfectly into the theme’s style.

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Embrace the change coming your way.

Grow in new directions.

Explore, discover, reach and risk.

Change creates an energy inside of you that you didn’t realize you had.

Father, on your Birthday

All the guidance you give,all the strength you show,and all the love you provide…

is always more than appreciated!

Happy Birthday with lots of loveand gratitude.