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The results are in! This design has been chosen as the favorite iPhone case design. Thanks for voting everyone! Stay tuned for more Questions from Kathy.


We are thrilled to announce that we have added a Handmade Gallery to our online shop! We teamed up with a handful of our creative friends to create one-of-a-kind items using fabric from the Kathy Davis fabric collections. Take a peek and browse the shop by clicking here. We will be adding more handmade goodies in the coming months, so stay tuned.

A big thank you to all of our talented crafters ~ Vivian Peritts, Alexis Kletjian, Katie Davis, Lynne Farris, and Deborah Sardaro!

Pin of the Week- this sweet illustration by Paul Rand gets my vote this week!


How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it.

Thank you.


We thought Earth Day would be the perfect day to announce some exciting news. Kathy Davis Studios is officially a member of The Energy Cooperative. What does this mean exactly? It means that all of the energy that is used to power our studio comes from 100% green energy sources (primarily Pennsylvania wind farms). Woo-hoo!

We are so happy to be a part of such a great not-for-profit organization. Click here to learn more about The Energy Cooperative.

In the spirit of Earth Day we have also compiled a list of things you can do to help reduce your carbon foot print and scatter joy to our good friend, planet Earth.

1. Buy local and organic: Look for organic or “fair trade” items when shopping at the grocery store. There is a good chance that the food was grown in a more eco-friendly way. Plus, if it was grown locally it didn’t have to travel as far AND you are supporting your local farms.

2. No plastic bottled water: Bottled water has a very large carbon footprint. Try buying a reusable water bottle for your water. Besides reducing your footprint you’ll be saving yourself some money, and who doesn’t like that?

3. Fly direct: If you are traveling somewhere by plane, try booking a direct flight when possible. This is a great way to reduce your footprint. Plus, you’ll get where you are going faster and without the extra stress that comes along with catching additional flights.

4. Unplug: Unplug any appliances that you don’t use regularly. A lot of electronics have a standby setting that still requires energy when not in use. Here are a few examples: Cell phone chargers, TVs, stereos, coffee makers, and computers.

5. Use cold water: Don’t worry, no cold showers here. Try using cold water when you do your laundry. It takes a ton of energy to heat up water, especially when you are doing several loads of laundry.

Happy Earth Day!