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Embrace the Change


Dear Friends,

I have returned from a truly incredible trip to Africa! My husband and I had long been anticipating this journey, and it far exceeded our expectations!

We flew from Washington, D.C. to London, and then onto Cape Town.

After spending several days of sightseeing there, we hopped on small planes to two private game reserves for safari adventures. There we enjoyed 2 thrilling game drives each day, and stayed in wonderful lodges with great views, fine food and friendly staff. I will never forget the feeling of falling to sleep listening to hippos snorting in the river below! The game drives were filled with amazing animal sightings and adventure in the bush.

To top off our adventures, we ended our journey in Zambia, where we viewed Victoria Falls from Livingstone Island at the precipice of the falls (no fences or barriers of any kind!). It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life!

By the end of our travels, we had amassed over 6000 photos! After much editing, I have prepared a slideshow with some of the highlights of our trip. If you have about 16 minutes to spare and are interested in accompanying me, I invite you to share in this adventure from the comfort of your own computer.

A few things to note:  you will see us in coats and hats during some of the early outings, as it is winter this time of year in Africa. Our temps ranged from the low 40’s in early morning to the low 80’s in afternoons.

Also, I must give credit to my husband, Peter, for most of the good photography and all of the interesting animal close-ups. His already sharp skills reached a new level of expertise with all of the practice he got on this trip.

The music I assembled for this slideshow includes:– The theme from Out of Africa – the film– Grasslands Chant, Circle of Life and The Lion Sleeps Tonight from The Lion King – the movie– Baby Elephant Walk by Henry Mancini


I will be following up with some retrospective blog posts and African proverbs, so please stay tuned!

All My Best,

(fabric from the Kathy Davis Journeys Collection)


Ambrosia is a delicious mixture of warm reds and cool greens in patterns to delight the eye! Rings of roses, bouquets of berries, and vines laden with hearts come together with joyful sentiments to create an enduring sense of style.

Inspired by the evergreen appeal of the rose and all that it represents…beauty, love, joy and timeless tradition, Ambrosia touches the heart and celebrates the soul.

Enjoy this short slideshow and look for Ambrosia in stores now.

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