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I am proud to introduce a new series of video interviews called “Inside the Artist’s Studio”.

Over the course of the year, I plan to visit and interview a variety of interesting creative friends who scatter Joy through Art. These in-depth interviews are loosely based on Bravo TV’s popular show called Inside the Actor’s Studio.

The very first featured artist in my series is Christian “Patch” Patchell, cartoonist, illustrator, teacher, and author of his new book “I put the Can in Cancer”. I hope you will find Patch’s interview as inspiring as I do!


To see more of Patch’s work click here to visit his website or here to visit the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society blog.

From working a full time job to carting the kids around here and there it is hard to imagine finding the time to help out in your community. But our busy schedules do not mean we have to write off community involvement entirely. In just a few minutes, anyone can make a positive impact on their community. Below are a few tips that we came up with.

1. Buy Local: Shop at a local farmers market or family owned store. Spending money at stores like these means a percentage of your taxes paid go directly into your community.

2. Share A Meal: Make a meal of leftovers to share with an elderly neighbor. Nothing says “Thanks for being a great neighbor” like a nice home cooked meal.



Enter your tip in the comment section below and you will be entered to win a selection of Kathy Davis greeting cards and a copy of Kathy’s Book!

We will announce the winner on Monday, June 27th.

Was thrilled to spend some time at an astounding Art Show Open House on Saturday. I must thank my brother, Fred, who recommended we make some time to take in the talents of Bucks County stone sculptor Steven Snyder. Thank goodness we had a rare day of springtime sunshine in order to go off the beaten path in search of Cedar Maze. What we found was truly amazing!

Not only does Steven create and carve beautiful works of art from stone and found objects, he is a collector and curator after my own heart! His meticulously arranged “altars” of fascinating natural finds were in themselves worthy of wonder.

The grounds at Cedar Maze were inviting, and the displays were thoughtfully laid out, even adorned with a wonderful array of wildflowers. Open Houses are held here only a couple of times each year, but the grounds are open daily. Best to call ahead. (see below)

Self-taught in his craft, Steven uses motifs that have such appeal to me, personally. Birds, hearts and stone angels come to life in many of his pieces. I left empty handed this time…but want to save my pennies so I can return someday to bring a piece of Steven’s sculptural genius home with me.

Here are just a few of my favorite photos, but please visit my Flickr gallery to see more!




 This is the description on Steven’s website:

The charming country setting of Cedar Maze is the sculpture garden and studio of Steven Snyder, located 10 miles north of New Hope in rural Tinicum Township. Inspired by his experiences living, working and raising a family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Steven uses local stone as well as natural and found objects in his work. His sculpture, suitable for indoors and out, includes bird baths, fountains, etc., as well as functional art, such as outdoor showers. His sculpture, studio and home have been featured in Country Living Magazine and on HGTV’s Our Place. His stone masonry work has been documented in Fine Homebuilding Magazine. Most recently, his work’s been featured in Dtown Magazine. Sculpture garden and studio are open daily, year round. Just call ahead first 610.294.9106.

Show dates: May 14, 15 & 21, 22, 2011, and October 8 & 9, 2011 as part of the 2nd Annual Sweet Edge Sculpture Tour. For info click on  Art Shows and Events.

My Dad

Jun 18, 2011


I may have received my devotion to nature from my dad. Truly a man of the earth, my father loved to be outdoors. A landscaper by trade, he labored his whole life doing nursery work—planting trees and gardens, trimming shrubbery, and raising plants.

My mother has always been devoted to her faith. She attended church every week and taught Sunday school “religiously” for many years. My dad, on the other hand, preferred to do his worshipping in the outdoors.

His faith, while he did not talk about it much, was expressed in the care he gave to his trees, shrubs, flowers, and the beauty of the natural world.

My dad was a quiet man with a sly sense of humor, and his love of nature was second only to his love for his family. He kept bantam chickens as a hobby, and he loved feeding and watching birds in the backyard. When he retired from his landscaping job, he continued to raise small plants in his own nursery, often cultivating cuttings from his own shrubs. He took real pride in the forsythia, arborvitae, hydrangea, azaleas, and boxwood plants he raised. Setting his plants out by our well-traveled road, he began selling them (practically giving them away) to passersby. A small business was born! Dad was so proud of his shrubs, and he took great pleasure when his customers returned to rave about how happy they were with his beautiful and thriving plants.

If that’s not scattering joy, I don’t know what is.

My love of flowers—a love that may be evident in my artwork!—is something I surely inherited from my dad. Although I enjoy cutting and bringing fresh bouquets indoors, my dad couldn’t bear doing that. He saw this as shortening the lives of the flowers, and he much preferred seeing them in their natural setting. That difference of opinion caused a bit of friction for us. I can recall planting gladiola bulbs with him each year, and I couldn’t wait to cut them into bouquets. I’d have to sneak them by my dad, though, in order to bring them into the house!

My father passed away in the spring of 2001—at the very peak of the most beautiful season of the year, when so many of his flowering plants were in bloom. Today, those plants continue to grow and bloom in the same beautiful and giving spirit with which they came into being.

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