Yoga for the New Year

Jan 14, 2016



Yoga?! Where do I start?

We’ve all heard of the countless benefits that come from doing yoga, and everyone’s been telling you how great it is…and the truth is, you’ve been thinking about it. But where do you begin? Whether you’re a Brand New Beginner or coming back to the mat for the first time in years, starting a yoga practice can be intimidating! But it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few tips for getting onto that mat (and staying there)!

Come as you are! Many people think they are not “strong enough” or “flexible enough” to do yoga. The thing is, Yoga doesn’t require that of you. Instead it will help to cultivate those qualities in both your body and mind. And trained teachers will always know how to modify things to make the practice accessible.

• Find the right fit. There is LOTS of yoga out there—and it’s not all the same! Try different studios, different classes, different teachers, even different styles, and see what resonates with you. And remember that just because you have a bad experience in one place doesn’t mean you will at the next!

• Tell them you’re there. Be sure to let the teacher know that you are new to Yoga at the start of the class. This alerts them to provide you with a bit of extra attention to be sure that you are safe and well taken care of. Also, if you’re new to a studio, you’ll want to arrive just a few minutes early to fill out paperwork and get the lay of the land.

• Take advantage of being the “new kid.” Many studios and gyms have classes (or even series) designed specifically for beginners. These can be a great entry point! And lots of studios offer a “new student rate,” giving you several classes at a discounted price. Take advantage of these promotions, and visit several classes with several teachers to really get a feel for the vibe of that particular yoga center.

• Give it the ‘ole college try (and then some). Once you find something that feels right, commit to a month of regular practice. Give yourself the opportunity to fall into a bit of a rhythm.  The point of yoga is not about the “one off,” it’s about developing a relationship with the practice over time. So allow yourself the time to really feel the changes in your body and attitude, and then decide how to move forward. You might just surprise yourself!


Contributor: Blue Banyan Yoga is a Vinyasa yoga studio and school in the heart of Mt. Airy, Philadelphia.


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