Introducing: Bold Beauty by Kathy Davis at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft

by Kathy Davis Studios| October 19 , 2016

Check out the new Kathy Davis™ Bold Beauty Collection of fine fabrics! With bold, rich florals, petite, bright and lovely patterns, dancing butterflies and sophisticated tonal ferns, the collection is a glorious garden of color. You’ll find it at your nearest Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. Whether it’s sewn into apparel, accessories or home decor accents for yourself or someone special, the possibilities for this awesome fabric are endless. What do you think you might create? We’d love to hear your ideas!





Shop the entire collection here.

Sharing Joy by Giving from the Heart

by Kathy Davis Studios| October 11 , 2016

How doing good in the world also does the heart good

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Giving back is such a beautiful reminder of what truly matters in life. Here at Kathy Davis Studios, we support several charities throughout the year through volunteer workdays and outreach. From organizations committed to ending hunger to those that spread joy to children in need through art, we give back in so many different ways.

As Joanna, one member of our KDS team put it, we work day in and day out designing cards and products that bring joy to others. “But going out into the world ourselves, sharing our helpful hands, our hearts and our smiles is just such a raw, real feeling of sharing joy. When you can see firsthand that you’ve made somebody’s day or simply made someone smile, it’s living proof that doing good equals feeling good and we need more of that in the world.”

To inspire you to go out and make a difference in the communities where you live, above are a few of our favorite moments of doing good over the years.

Share some joy today with the perfect, heartfelt gift.

Living a Purposeful Life: Easy Steps for Setting the Goals to Get you There

by Kathy Davis Studios| September 27 , 2016

It can be so easy to move through life, filling our days in a way that leaves little time to focus on the things we really want. When we’re constantly busy, creating the space to pursue our passions and share our gifts — or even figure out what they are — can feel overwhelming.

Goal setting can be a powerful tool to move you toward a more fulfilling and purposeful life in a clear and practical way.

Here are seven tips to get you started.


Step outside and clear your mind

by Kathy Davis Studios| July 28 , 2016

Nature can be the perfect remedy for the worries of the world…sometimes all you have to do is step outside and take it all in. How do you connect with the outdoors to clear your mind? Here are a few favorite ideas:


1. Take your pets outside and play! You’ll find that in minutes you’ll feel
    relaxed…and you might just make a new friend who’s doing the same.

2.  Work in the garden (or just sit in one!) If you don’t have one of your
     own, look for a community garden in your local area.

3.  Just take a walk – in  your neighborhood, by the water or on a trail if
     there’s one nearby. Find your rhythm, then notice the trees,
     wildflowers, singing birds and expanse of sky. You’ll find it clears your
     mind and lifts your mood!

What are your favorite outdoor summer activities? We’d love to hear what you’re up to!

7 Encouraging Ideas for Hard Times & Setbacks

by Kathy Davis Studios| July 15 , 2016

JULY_SM1_BLOG1Life gives us so much to celebrate. From the simple pleasures found in every day to the milestones marked with family and friends, we’re gifted with countless moments to create and share joy. But what about those times of disappointment and heartache? How do we find our way back to center when things don’t work out? Here are a few of our suggestions for how to cope with life’s inevitable setbacks.


Four Simple Stretches You Can Practice at Work

by Kathy Davis Studios| July 13 , 2016

Here in our studios we take a five-minute break every morning for a group stretch. Far from being a luxury, it reflects Kathy Davis’ belief that making time to care for yourself is part of creating a life you love. To help you create your own mini wellness practice at work, here are four of our favorite exercises from our Daily KDS Stretch:


Ready to start adding a few simple stretches to your workday routine? To help make things a bit easier, we’re offering a free, downloadable PDF. Print it out, pin it up and use it as a daily reminder to take an energizing break!

Instructions for download:
Click here to download the “8.5 x “11 PDF. When the image pops up in a new window, just right click and save.


Evening Reflections: Creating Peace and Calm at the End of the Day.

by Kathy Davis Studios| June 28 , 2016


Take a moment just for you! Evening is a natural time for winding down, reflecting, and relaxing after a long day. While we at Kathy Davis believe in living each day to the fullest, it’s so important to recognize the value of preparing for a restful night’s sleep, too. Let’s face it, everyone needs rest – it’s how we re-charge so we can pursue Creating a Life We Love. Here are a few great ways to unwind:

     1. Keep it simple with a few scented candles.

     2. Fill a tub with bubble bath and take a long soak. Breathe deeply
          and exhale the cares of the day.

     3. Set aside some reading time. Even a few minutes with a good book
         may help you take your mind off your problems and unwind before
         you sleep.

     4. Treat yourself to quality pillows, blankets and linens. It’s amazing what
          soft, luxurious bedding can do to support a good night’s sleep!

     5. For a more peaceful rest, pause and appreciate the events of the day for
         which you’re especially thankful. You may want to write in a journal,
         pray or meditate that you may:

               • Find the joy in each day and share it with those you love

               • Seek and appreciate the beauty in your surroundings

               • Find peace within and offer it to others

We hope that you allow yourself some time to wind down and truly enjoy your evenings. It’s something we all deserve, but probably don’t do enough – that’s why we add a little extra TLC to each detail of the KATHY DAVIS™ bedding collection, available here and here.


Find the Words in Your Heart: Personalizing Your Father’s Day Message

by Kathy Davis Studios| June 13 , 2016


At Kathy Davis, we love Dad! After all, he’s the guy who’s there for his family in so many special ways, whether he’s on his own or sharing life with a wife or partner, and with Father’s Day approaching, it’s finally Dad’s turn to be appreciated!  The easiest way to do that is with a greeting card  – one that resonates with you and most closely reflects your relationship with the special Dad in your life. Next, it’s nice to add a few of your own words to make it that much more personal.

If you find this part a bit of a challenge, no worries! At Kathy Davis, we’re all about helping you find the words to express the love that’s in your heart. Here are a few tips to help you personalize your Father’s Day card with your own touch of heartfelt connection!

To Dad
He’s the man – the reason we’re here! And in many families, he’s kind of an unsung hero. Since it’s not always easy to say it verbally, why not look at this as an opportunity to write it from your heart. Consider writing something about why he is so special to you. What has Dad done for you recently? Maybe he helped you out of a jam, gave you some advice…or just gave you a simple pep talk.

          •    “Thanks, Dad, for having my back when I _______.  I love you!”
          •    “Dad, you always have the best advice. Thanks for
                 listening/being there. You’re the best!”
          •    “Dad, whenever I’m feeling down, I know I can come to you to help
                me put things in perspective. Love you so much.”

To your Husband/Partner

He’s right there by your side.  Co-parenting. Dealing with household stuff. Sharing all of life’s moments. And he just “gets” you.  So here’s your opportunity to tell him what a great Dad he is to the kids…and how much he means to you. (Don’t be afraid to get a little romantic!)

          •    “I’m so lucky to have you by my side. You’re an awesome dad to the
                kids and the BEST husband/partner. I love you with all my heart.”  
          •    “Love watching you with the kids. Thanks for being such a wonderful
                 father…and the love of my life.”
          •    “You do so much for our family, and you do it with your whole heart.
                I want you to know how much I appreciate and love you.”

To the guy who’s like a dad
He may not be everyone’s biological dad, but he sure does play the part! Why not write a few lines to tell him how important he is in your life?

         •    “It’s so amazing to know you’re there. I feel really lucky to have you in
               my life. Happy Father’s Day!”
         •    “It’s nice to have a great guy like you in our family.”
         •    “You’re a great guy, and you have a special place in our family. Have
                an amazing Father’s Day!”

To your grandfather
He’s more than just the parent of your parent…he’s Grandpa, Pop-pop, Pop, Papa, Granddad, Gramps…whatever you like to call him. And he’s a special man with a lot of life experience, family history and wisdom to share. Why not single out a special memory in your message to let him know what a difference he makes in your life?

          •    “I’ll always remember the time we went/saw/shared/did  [something]
                together. You’re a wonderful grandpa, and I love you so much!”
          •    “You’re so much fun to be around! I hope you have a great Father’s
                Day! Love you lots!”
          •    “I know we don’t see other as much as we’d like, but when we do,
                we make it  count! You’re the BEST, Grandpa! Enjoy your
                Father’s Day!”

To your son
He’s the apple of your eye…the boy who grew up to be the dad to your grandchild. It doesn’t get any better than that! Why not let him know what a great Dad he is and just how proud you are of him.

          •    “Love seeing you with [name of grandchild/ren].  He/she/they just
                love their Dad! You’re doing a wonderful job – so proud of you!”
          •    “I’m so blessed to have a grandchild/grandchildren and so proud of
                their Dad! You’re such a wonderful father! Hope you have a great
                Father’s Day!
          •    “You do so much for your family…hope you take some time to relax.
                You’re a terrific Dad, and you deserve a day just for you!

Father’s Day is your chance to tell all the special Dads in your life how much they mean to you.  Try not to stress about what to say. When you sit down to write, just keep your focus on him, and the words will come! We can promise that no matter how you say it, your message will be appreciated.

KATHY DAVIS™ cards can be found in Target, Walmart and major drug
and grocery stores where American Greetings cards are sold.


Happy Mother’s Day

by Kathy Davis Studios| May 08 , 2016


Mothers brighten the world with their smiles, comfort with hugs and kind words, heal with the gentlest of hands, strengthen with good common sense, listen with fair and open minds, nurture with sweetness and caring, and love with the warmest of hearts.

Celebrate Mom with the gift of flowers

by Kathy Davis Studios| May 04 , 2016

They beautify our world in countless ways and provide inspiration for how we decorate, dress – and, for us, how we design! Above all, one of our favorite things about flowers is that they are nature’s language for love. While we often think of roses as a symbol of heartfelt expression, this spring we’ve fallen for a less fussy but no less lovely bloom – the Lisianthus.


With their beautiful flounced petals, they’ve become increasingly popular wedding flower in recent years, but we think they’re a wonderful choice for showing appreciation at any time. In shades of blue, lilac, yellow, pink, pale green, and more, they brighten up any space with undeniable charm.

Even better, Lisianthus have been known to symbolize devotion, gratitude and long-lasting bonds. A perfect choice for Mother’s Day!

Why not send a bouquet to the mom in your life with a note that reminds her:

  • That her many small, thoughtful acts of caring have not gone unnoticed

  • You appreciate her for always being there as a constant support, friend and wonderful mother

  • You admire her generous, caring and kind spirit

We think that’s a gift any mother would love to receive!

FLOWERBUD_SM3_BLOG2To make your gift-giving even easier, we’ve partnered with Flowerbud to offer a special hand-selected arrangement of Lisianthus. For an added bonus, we’ve included a set of note cards featuring four of our beautiful, hand-painted designs. Celebrate the woman who means so much to your heart this Mother’s Day by following the link to place your order.


Share joy with the gift of flowers

by Kathy Davis Studios| May 02 , 2016

We all want our Moms to know we cherish the relationship we share with her, especially on Mother’s Day. But how do we find the words to let her know just how much she means? With Mother’s Day right around the corner, here are a few suggestions to help you express your love and gratitude.


Acknowledge Her
Think of all your mom has done for you, from guiding and encouraging you to making you feel OK, no matter what. Acknowledge and recognize her for her influence and the things she’s done or continues to do that have a positive impact on your life. Share some of what you’ve been able to accomplish because of her love and support.

  • Mom, you inspire me to dream big.

  • In little and big ways, you’ve always been there for me, as a constant support, as a friend, as my wonderful mother.

Create a Compliment List
Make a list of all the things you love about your mom. Maybe it’s her kindness and generosity or her sense of humor and creativity. Perhaps you admire her positive outlook on life or appreciate the way she’s able to find joy in so many small things. Compliment her on the traits and habits you observe that make her such a wonderful woman and mom.

  • Mom, I admire the kind of woman you are, the way you look at the world, the way you care for others and the way you spread joy wherever you go.

  • You’re generous, caring, kind, smart, funny, encouraging, loving, giving, honest, compassionate and just plain awesome.

Offer a Wish
Is there something you’d love your mom to have more of in life? Or maybe you just want her to keep enjoying all the good she already has. Offer a wish or blessing for more — more happiness, love, harmony, contentment, beauty… Envision a future filled with all she deserves, and celebrate her with a shower of bright wishes and hopes.

  • May you be blessed with love and happiness…today and always.

  • I hope this special day that celebrates you is as warm as your hugs, as sunny as your smiles, as joyful as your spirit and as loving as your heart.

Most of all – say thank you! Sure, you know all the ways your mom is there for you. And you’re aware that her many small, thoughtful acts of caring make a big difference in your life. But maybe you don’t always take the time to thank her for being so amazing. Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to do so.

No matter how you choose to honor and celebrate Mom, what’s most important is that you do it from your heart.

To make your gift-giving even easier, we’ve partnered with Flowerbud to offer this Mother’s Day bouquet of lovely Lisianthus as well as a box of blank notecards featuring four of our beautiful, hand-painted designs. Celebrate Mom with a gift sure to bring beauty and joy to her special day — sent with all the love in your heart. Click here to place your Mother’s Day order.


Embrace Beauty With the Gift of Flowers

by Kathy Davis Studios| April 30 , 2016

From color and form to texture and patterns, nature serves as a rich palette for inspiration when it comes to the creative world. We’ve long been inspired by the instantaneous way they can brighten spirits or bring life to a room – with very little effort!

It’s no wonder, then, that we’ve drawn inspiration from flowers for much of our Mother’s Day art through the years.

This year, for a fun twist, we arranged for our watercolors to serve as a muse for a special Mother’s Day bouquet from – and we’re so excited to share the results with you!

Below are a few samples of the art that Flowerbud used to inspire a hand-selected Mother’s Day bouquet.

And here is the end result … a beautiful arrangement of Lisianthus! We could not be any happier with these graceful and gorgeous, ruffled blooms and hope that your mom, or any of the women who play an important role in your life, will love them, too!

Of course, we couldn’t stop right there, so we’re offering a custom box of blank note cards featuring watercolor designs to go hand-in-hand with your arrangement.

Click here and remind your mom she’s beautiful with the timeless gift of flowers!


by Kathy Davis Studios| January 07 , 2016


Take a moment to fully unplug from the digital world. Even if it’s for 10 minutes, keep your phone, tablet and computer at arm’s length. What are some other ways you can “unplug?”


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