Brighten her Day with a Birthday Wish

by Kathy Davis Studios| March 13 , 2017

Celebrate the amazing woman in your life with one of our elegant, new Kathy Davis® birthday cards. Featuring radiant jewel tones, luxe finishings and stylish florals, these heartfelt expressions of love and appreciation are sure to become a keepsake from her special day.

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Valentine’s Day Memories

by Kathy Davis Studios| February 10 , 2017

Valentine’s Day arrives with sweet nostalgia…and opportunities to make new memories! Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day stories from the Kathy Davis team.

The most thoughtful Valentines I’ve received have been from the children in my life. As an art teacher, I would get such sweet homemade little Valentines filled with teacher-love. As a parent, I cherished the Valentines written by my own two children, with love notes in their adorable printing, covered with hearts of every color.

The year after my mom lost her partner of 18 years, my boyfriend at the time took us both out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. He’d made reservations at a restaurant I always wanted to go to and suggested inviting my mom, knowing how hard the day would be on her because her partner always made a big deal of celebrating her on Valentine’s Day. His thoughtfulness was incredibly touching to me.

When I was in fourth grade, our teacher asked us to make little “mailboxes” for our class Valentines. She was probably just expecting a glittery shoebox. But when my dad offered to help me, the project became much more unique. Out of thick white paper he helped me construct a realistic looking mailbox with a working door topped with a little heart flag! I was extremely proud of it. Every Valentine’s Day I smile when I remember working together and how his creativity influenced me then…and still inspires me to this very day!

When I was in early elementary school, my mother and I would shop for a package of Valentines. I’d spread them out on our living room floor, carefully selecting my favorites for my closest girlfriends and my least favorites for the “annoying boys.” On Valentine’s Day at school, the teacher would choose the “postman” to deliver the Valentines to everyone in the class, and we’d have cupcakes topped with plastic hearts and pink and red sprinkles and of course, conversation hearts.

My boyfriend wrote me a letter instead of sending flowers last year.  It was something unexpected from him and meant so much more to me than any material item.


Simple ways to make this a joyful year

by Kathy Davis Studios| January 25 , 2017

We all want to flourish in the new year, leading healthy and happy lives. A big part of that is feeling connected to the people we love and the values we cherish.

So as we settle into 2017, here are some of our favorite ways to make this new year a meaningful and joyful one!

Set aside time just for you. Whether it’s a yoga or meditation practice, a class you’ve always wanted to try, time in your garden, art studio or another favorite place — even just a few minutes doing what you love can help keep you centered and energized. Protect that space as you would any other important date on your calendar.

Make time for the people you love. That means being there to share in their memorable moments, as well as when they need your support. But keeping those heartfelt connections can also be as simple as weaving small, thoughtful gestures into the everyday.

Give from the heart. A smile, a kind word, a compliment — there are so many ways to brighten the world around you. After all, joy shared is joy multiplied!  

Make the most of every moment. Life gives us so much to celebrate, from its milestones to its simple pleasures. Being present to the good all around us makes it easier to approach each moment, big or small, with a heart full of gratitude.

Refresh Your Home with Art

by Kathy Davis Studios| January 12 , 2017

A new year brings an opportunity to change things up a bit and freshen your space with a little inspiration! No need to rearrange your furniture…you can accomplish a refresh simply by changing what’s on your walls.

Why not hang a dreamy watercolor wash print in colors that give you a lift…or a beautiful floral or graphic with a hand-lettered message that resonates with you! Or, if you have the space, a trio.


If wall space is limited, here are some simple ideas for displaying your art. Place a print on a tabletop and lean it against a wall, surrounded by a “still life” of found objects…a vase, a jar, a pretty tea cup…the possibilities are limitless. Or clip a piece of art to a vintage wooden hanger suspended from a nail.



All of these prints are now available in our online shop! Have fun refreshing your home with art!


Happy Holidays!

by Kathy Davis Studios| December 20 , 2016


The holidays are a beautiful time to reach out to the special people in our lives… and remember with gratitude, someone as wonderful as YOU. Sending a BIG holiday hug with love and thanks for following and inspiring us all year long. May this season be truly special for you.

Last minute gifts under $30!

by Kathy Davis Studios| December 13 , 2016


You know how it goes…you receive an unexpected invite to a holiday gathering…an out-of-town friend texts to say she’ll be visiting next weekend and wants to meet for coffee…or one person manages to disappear from your gift radar. And you’re stuck without a gift! Don’t panic…just check out these last-minute gift ideas all under $30!

1. Our sweet holiday ornament ($8.00) is the best way to share Joy.
    You’ll always be remembered when they trim the tree.

2. Perfect for the cook/chef in your life: pair this pretty Poinsettia Cutting
($16.00) with fresh fruit or a gift card to a favorite gourmet market!

3. For the friend who loves decorating every room for the holidays, our
    Hope, Peace, Joy accent pillow ($29.99) makes the perfect gift.

4. To really warm someone’s heart, wrap up this festive Christmas mug
. If you like, pair it with a favorite coffee, tea or cocoa.

5. This sweet apron ($25) is a must-have accessory during the holiday baking
     season. To add a personal touch, include your own favorite holiday
     cookie recipes.

6. For the host, choose this sweet holiday gift set ($25.00)! Add a hot cocoa
     mix or fill the mugs with a favorite holiday treat for a personal touch.

Connecting from the Heart

by Kathy Davis Studios| November 30 , 2016

Making holiday card writing meaningful and memorable


Sending and receiving holiday cards is such a cherished tradition. Taking the time to express a heartfelt wish in a card is an act of caring that reminds the recipient of their special place in our lives.


A wonderful way to connect with loved ones, writing holiday cards can also create memorable moments of togetherness at home. All you need is a little advance planning to make this a fun and festive activity for the whole family.


Begin by organizing different stations with everything you’ll need: the cards and envelopes, stamps and labels, a list of addresses, pens and markers, and any embellishments you’d like to add. You can designate roles — card writer, addresser, stamper and stuffer, list-checker, etc. — to get everyone involved.

To create a festive scene, put on your favorite holiday music or movies, and have a mix of no-fuss seasonal snacks and drinks on hand.


When it comes to signing each card, remember even a few, hand-written words of kindness, love and appreciation can create a moment of heartwarming connection with the recipient. To personalize even more, consider including a family photo or short letter sharing news of the year (download our free newsletter template to get you started), adding a touch of humor by writing from the perspective of the family pet or baby, or decorating each envelope with baker’s twine and a cute accent.


We all love receiving a little holiday cheer in the mail, and this makes sending it a true shared joy! Click here to shop our new holiday boxed cards.

Express Gratitude

by Kathy Davis Studios| November 23 , 2016

Easy Steps To Express Gratitude


When you say thank you, you affirm your appreciation. When you express gratitude, you are saying out loud to the world: “I love this and want more of this in my life.”

What are you grateful for? Your beating heart? Your dog’s wagging tail when you walk in the door? The juicy delicious apples that grow on trees? The snowstorm that let you stay home and snuggle under a blanket? The handwritten note you received in the mail? The airline voucher that invites you to travel to see friends?

Have you ever heard that “gratitude” is a state of being? Ever wondered how to travel to that state of happiness and bliss? Here is a simple practice to take you there any time, anywhere.

Easy Steps to Express Gratitude

     1. Shift your awareness to all the good stuff, instead of focusing on
         anything that went wrong today.

     2. Grab your favorite journal and make a list of at least 10 things you
          are grateful for, no matter how small. If you have more than 10
          items, keep writing until your list feels complete.

     3. After you finish writing, take a deep breath and read over all the
         items on your list.

     4. Connect with any feelings of warmth or happiness, and invite them
          to grow and spread throughout your entire body. Allow the feelings
          to spread into the room around you, until you are completely filled
          with and surrounded by gratitude.

     5. Breathe and smile. Beautiful! You are now in a state of gratitude.


Contributor: Erin Owen, mother of 2 boys, author of Refuel, Recharge, and Re-energize: Your Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Time and Energy, is a Transformational Life Coach for Leaders. Learn more at

A Creative Holiday Countdown

by Kathy Davis Studios| November 22 , 2016

Make a one-of-a-kind advent calendar with fabric from the Kathy Davis® collection


Advent calendars are a wonderful, practical way to keep a holiday countdown while getting the whole family in a festive spirit! We crafted ours using natural elements, a few sewing supplies and a beautiful mix of fabrics from the Kathy Davis® holiday collection.

Inspired by the cards we send and receive during the holidays, this “calendar” features 25 envelopes that you can fill with inspiring quotes, devotions or festive notes to your loved ones.

Stop by your local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store for supplies and to shop the entire Kathy Davis® fabric collection



3-4 yards Kathy Davis® holiday collection fabric
Downloadable cards
Fabric glue
13-16 felt sheets (9”x12”)
Buttons or snaps
Needle and thread
Gift tags
Two branches of similar dimensions
Measuring tape
Utility knife


PART ONE: Making the envelopes


1. Cut a 6”x6” square of felt and a 7×7” square of fabric for a 4×4” envelope. Use fabric glue, needle and thread, or any kind of fabric-safe adhesive to adhere your fabric square to the felt, centering the felt on the fabric, leaving 1/4-1/2 inch of fabric around the sides.

2. Take your fabric edges, fold over the felt, and stitch or adhere to create your clean edge. If using liquid stitch or any type of liquid adhesive, make sure to allow adequate drying time before moving onto the next step.


3. Next, fold in opposite points of your square to meet in the center. Then, take an adjacent corner and fold to meet the other corners in the center, slightly overlapping the sides. Apply adhesive here or stitch your sides together to create the pocket.

4. Press and allow adequate drying time if using a liquid adhesive.


5. Using a needle and thread, sew a button or snap onto the top corner of your bottom fold.

6. Next, use scissors or a utility knife to cut a slit slightly smaller than the width of your button, onto the corner of the top fold of your envelope. Start out with a smaller slit, measure against the button, and slowly cut the slit wider, to avoid making it too big to hold the button. *Remember, you will stretch out the slit slightly as you button and unbutton, so it’s better to err on the smaller side.


7. To hang the envelopes we decided to use an embroidery needle and a thin yarn to thread through the top right corner. This way it can hang on an angle. Next, we attached a numbered gift tag. These steps should be repeated for the rest of your advent envelopes.


PART TWO: Assembling your branches


1.Take two, slightly long branches (approx. 36-42 inches in length) and arrange on a large surface to reflect how far apart you want them to hang on the wall. (We found that about 12 inches in distance ensured adequate space for the envelopes.) Taking twine or rope, wrap around one end of your bottom branch multiple times, tie a very secure knot, and pull up to the top branch, repeating the same step.


3. Measure how far you want your branches to be from your point of hanging. Next, bring your twine up to that point and back down to the other side of the top branch, creating a triangular shape. (You may want to enlist the help of a family member or friend to hold down that top point to ensure a taut and even shape.) String your twine around the top branch, and then the bottom branch, repeating step one. Make sure you measure every time you tie the twine so that the branches are level.


PART THREE: Final assembly and hanging


Tie your envelopes to your branches. Then find a stud in the wall to hammer a metal hook where you will hang your beautiful new advent calendar.

Fill with your favorite treats, or use our downloadable cards for writing down a daily devotional, inspirational quote, or family activity idea to countdown to Christmas!

Three Festive Ways To Gift Wrap With Fabric

by Kathy Davis Studios| November 16 , 2016

Featuring our New Kathy Davis® Holiday Collection


Looking for a fun and easy way to dress up your holiday gifts? Just a few decorative accents and some scraps from our latest fabric collection are all you need for this DIY project. Follow along with our step-by-step tutorials, and in a few minutes you can turn a simply wrapped box into a beautiful holiday present!

Stop by your local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store for supplies and to shop the entire Kathy Davis® fabric collection


1-2 yards Kathy Davis® holiday fabric
Wrapping paper
Ribbon of various styles and sizes
Wired garland
Gift tags
Wood letters
Festive “picks” or “swags” to garnish packages
Double-sided tape


Technique #1: Add a Message

1. Take two complementary fabrics, cut to the length and width desired, leaving 1/2 inch on either side, and fold under the raw edges to create a seam (you can use double-sided tape or liquid stitch to secure the fold). Next, wrap around two separate boxes.

2. Wrap ribbon around each box, following the same line as the fabric. Adhere ribbons with double-sided tape.

3. Wrap wired garland around the smaller of the two boxes and tape. Stack boxes and wrap with an additional piece of the garland.

4. Tuck wooden letters under twine.


Technique #2: Statement Bow

1. Wrap ribbon around box and secure with double-sided tape.

2. In the opposite direction of the ribbon, tie a very long strip of fabric. Fabric should be long enough to wrap once around your box with enough left over to create a large bow. Next, tie a bow with the fabric.

3. Tuck any extra pieces under, and smooth out any lumps.

4. Play with bow until you reach your desired size and look.


Technique #3: Wintery Accents

1. Using the same idea as Technique #1, wrap fabric around a box and secure into place.

2. Take your ribbon and center it on the fabric. Wrap ribbon around box then tie a double knot at the top.

4.Take your foliage (pine cones, cranberries, sprigs of juniper, etc.) and arrange them how you see fit on the box. Then tuck the foliage under the ribbon to ensure it’s stable and secure.

5. Add a tag, and attach to ribbon or foliage with twine.


Heartfelt Hosting for the Holidays

by Kathy Davis Studios| November 10 , 2016

Six steps for turning your guest room into a festive oasis


The holidays are such a beautiful time for sharing the joys of the season with the ones we love. When friends and family come to visit, what better way to make them feel cozy and cared for than with a thoughtfully decorated guest room.

Follow these simple steps to set the mood for a festive oasis.


1.    Choose holiday-themed bedding to serve as the focal point and brighten
       up the room.
2.    Pair fresh flowers with a small bedside treat to create an instantly
        inviting atmosphere.
3.    Set out fresh linens and toiletries for easy convenience.
4.    Create a small reading station with a collection of your favorite books
        and magazines.
5.    Set out no-fuss snacks and teas to add another layer of warm welcome.
       (To delight even more, aim for a seasonal palette!)
6.    Include a card or note letting your guests know how happy you are to
       have them with you.


Shop the collection here.

Create a Statement Necklace with Bold Beauty Fabrics by Kathy Davis®

by Kathy Davis Studios| October 26 , 2016


Who doesn’t like a little shimmer and versatility when it comes to a statement piece? This is why, when we started thinking about our next DIY project, we couldn’t resist using our new Bold Beauty fabric with shimmery gold accents to create an awesome necklace. It’s designed with magnetic clasps, so you can change the fabric according to your mood.

It’s also easy to make! All you need is ¼ yard of fabric (or remnants left over from another project) and a just a few supplies listed below. You can find our fabric at a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store.

• bead strand
• waxed cording
• 2 accent beads
• 2 magnetic clasps
• 1/4 yard of Kathy Davis® Bold Beauty fabric
• 2 crimping tubes
• Liquid Stitch
• hot glue gun
• pinking shears
• scissors

Click here to download the instructions. Once the PDF pops up in a new window, simply right click and save.


Introducing: Bold Beauty by Kathy Davis at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft

by Kathy Davis Studios| October 19 , 2016

Check out the new Kathy Davis™ Bold Beauty Collection of fine fabrics! With bold, rich florals, petite, bright and lovely patterns, dancing butterflies and sophisticated tonal ferns, the collection is a glorious garden of color. You’ll find it at your nearest Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. Whether it’s sewn into apparel, accessories or home decor accents for yourself or someone special, the possibilities for this awesome fabric are endless. What do you think you might create? We’d love to hear your ideas!





Sharing Joy by Giving from the Heart

by Kathy Davis Studios| October 11 , 2016

How doing good in the world also does the heart good

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Giving back is such a beautiful reminder of what truly matters in life. Here at Kathy Davis Studios, we support several charities throughout the year through volunteer workdays and outreach. From organizations committed to ending hunger to those that spread joy to children in need through art, we give back in so many different ways.

As Joanna, one member of our KDS team put it, we work day in and day out designing cards and products that bring joy to others. “But going out into the world ourselves, sharing our helpful hands, our hearts and our smiles is just such a raw, real feeling of sharing joy. When you can see firsthand that you’ve made somebody’s day or simply made someone smile, it’s living proof that doing good equals feeling good and we need more of that in the world.”

To inspire you to go out and make a difference in the communities where you live, above are a few of our favorite moments of doing good over the years.

Share some joy today with the perfect, heartfelt gift.

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