TTBMJ September: Make Life a Work of Art

Aug 28, 2014



Here at Kathy Davis Studios, we are all about Making Life a Work of Art! This month of September, I invite you to find ways to embrace creativity and make your life richer and more fulfilling through the arts.

I hope you will join me for our September’s Fourth Friday gallery show and outdoor chalk art event! I can’t wait to see our sidewalks and parking lot transformed with art from all ages!

Here’s to the artist in YOU!

All My Best,

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TTBMJ September

Gallery Opening: Kathy Davis Studios’ Friends and Family
On Friday evening, September 26, Kathy Davis Studios will be hosting an opening reception for a joyous and unique art exhibit. Beginning that evening, and running throughout a good portion of October, KDS will be featuring an art show entitled “Kathy Davis Studios’ Friends and Family”.

The show will feature the combined works of KDS company members as well as work from some of their closest friends and family members. There will be a mix of artwork and crafts from a range of artists, from young to the young at heart. Our designers will contributing their own work….and then there will be exhibited work from their children, grand children, parents, brothers, sisters, and various other relatives and friends.

To make the opening reception even more fun, we will enjoy food, beverages, and live music! There will also be the chance for guests to create their own chalk drawings outside.

Many times we hear it said that the people we work are like family. Well now, this exhibit will truly be a family affair. Please have your family join our families for an evening of joy and creativity.

Outdoor Activities: DIY Fizzy Sidewalk Paint
Hands On: As We Grow is a blog about learning to do hands on activities with your kids. They featured a great tutorial on how to make fizzing sidewalk paint (the fizzy part is where all the fun is for the kids).

Kids Art: Eezil
Eezil was started by Heather, a graphic designer, illustrator and mom of 2 young children, who was never sure of what to do with her kids’ illustrations. One Christmas she decided she wanted to give friends and family something special and personal. She took her son’s illustrations, developed them with her graphic design skills and turned them into button badges. Her kids artwork has now been turned into magnets, personalized stationery, t-shirts, etc. Check out her website to see all of their cool and unique creations!

Product: Make Life a Work of Art
It’s a saying we like to live by…Make Life a Work of Art. We have some great new product that is the perfect reminder of this inspirational way of living. Treat yourself to 3-pack journals, a hardbound folio, big click magnet, and prints! You can purchase them in our online store or visit our Gallery in Horsham!

Book: The Artist’s Way
The Artist’s Way is the seminal book on the subject of creativity. Readers have found it to be an invaluable guide to living the artist’s life. Even though this was published one decade ago, it is still a powerfully provocative and inspiring work, perhaps even more so now. You can find this inspiring read on Amazon.

Charity: Fleisher
Founded in 1898, Fleisher is a nonprofit organization committed to making art accessible to everyone, regardless of economic means, background, or artistic experience. Fleisher is a source of inspiration, creativity and community, and every year, more than 17,000 people experience the transformative power of art through classes, exhibitions, and more. To find out more information on how to participate or support this organization, visit their website.


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