TTBMJ November: A Focus on Food

Nov 1, 2013



During this month of Thanksgiving where abundance and gratitude set the tone, my focus is on food!  After all, there is an art to food preparation and entertaining. I encourage all of you to eat healthy, shop locally, and remember to put some creativity into your cooking and onto your table. Food as Art! Don’t you love it!?

Wishing each of you a spirit of abundance, a heart full of gratitude…and a tummy full of food! Sharing your abundance with others in need can only serve to enrich your joy!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Eat Your Art Out: Playful Breakfasts by Ida Skivenes
We’ve all learned at some point in our lives to not play with our food. Norwegian artist Ida Skivenes begs to differ. Better known as @IdaFrosk on Instagram, Ida creates healthy, colorful breakfasts for inspiration and enjoyment of food. Her book Eat Your Art Out: Playful Breakfasts is now available on Amazon. She hopes to engage people in eating healthy fun food while exercising their creative side.

Food Art:
Julie’s Kitchen: Food Collages

Julie’s Kitchen is an ongoing project where food and photography fall in love. Julie Lee started her collages on Instagram as a way to showcase seasonal and local offerings from neighborhood farmers markets in Los Angeles. It has now evolved into the study of plant design, exploration of color theory, and pure, unadulterated food-love. Check out her food collages online. You can also follow her on Instagram as @julieskitchen.


Apple Tartlets
No dessert celebrates the autumn harvest more than classic apple pie. Try this tartlet variation from Sweet Paul’s Fall 2013 issue for a more decadent dessert.

Kids Art:
Food Art

Tori Spelling’s blog, ediTORIal, has featured some Instagram photos that showcase incredibly creative kid-friendly art. They’re impressive, but also easy to recreate with what’s in your kitchen. Check out their post for a fun and simple way kids can not only play with their food, but also get excited about their meals. To increase the fun factor, we are also carrying these great placemats in our Kathy Davis Gallery from Paper Kitchen. They feature an array of disguises for kids to color, punch out and wear to make mealtime even more fun!

KDS Tableware

With the holidays right around the corner, food festivities are bound to happen! Whether you may be hosting a holiday meal or bringing a dish to a party, we’ve got a few ways to add some color to your tableware. Now being sold in our Kathy Davis Gallery and are our 2 collections of tableware, Happiness and Hearts & Flowers! From place settings to condiment sets, platters and bowls, you’ll find something to make the table a little more festive!

Manna on Main Street
As the holidays creep up on us, we become all too aware that many people go without food—not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year as well. With this month’s focus on food, we are featuring a local organization, Manna on Main Street. Manna is a food pantry, soup kitchen and emergency financial aid provider that serves the North Penn region of PA. Relying on their core of volunteers and largely supported through the generosity of community members, local businesses and service groups, Manna is always in need of donations and volunteers.

Check out ways that you can donate or volunteer with Manna this season—or if you live outside of our area, look for your local food pantry or soup kitchen to help out in your community!