Pin of the Day Recap: Top 5 Most Popular Pins from June

Jul 1, 2013



June 3rd – Don’t let a rainy Monday get you down. Find the JOY in it! This fun Color Cloud by Paper Party.


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June 12 – Joy through Living! Just couldn’t resist pinning the pic of this sweet little lamb. This late spring season is abundant in its beauty, teeming with new life…and renewed optimism. Hope you are feelin’ it like I am! Photo posted by Cathi Falconwing.


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June 18 – Treated myself by spending time with an old friend yesterday. They have a way of reconnecting you to a part of yourself that the years may have buried. And, yes, they forgive the imperfections better than anyone. True gold. (apologies, but cannot locate original source of this marvelous pinned art!)


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June 28 – Thinkin’ it’s time for some Friday fun!


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June 30 – Good Sunday morning, glories! There is something about blue flowers that really touches me. Wishing you a lovely day.


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