Things That Bring Me Joy – September 2013

Sep 9, 2013



People are crazy about their pets! Of course, there is nothing quite like our devoted companions who never judge… and love unconditionally! My husband and I have quite a menagerie ourselves, with canaries, finches, koi, and our ultra-sized Great Pyrenees pups, Mojo and Moxie! They are as gentle and loving as they are BIG! So, this month I share with you some of my best picks for pets!

Be good to your furry and feathered friends…they will surely love you for it!

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Artist: Kim Johnson
Originally from Sioux City, Iowa, award winning artist Kim Johnson discovered her love for the creative process at a young age. On the advice of family and friends concerned that she have a “real career”, Kim completed her degree in psychology before pursuing her real passion—watercolor. With a focus on the human and animal experiences, Kim’s masterful use of watercolor technique breathes life into her pieces. Kim continues to teach classes for other aspiring watercolor artists at a variety of workshops.


DIY: Pet Beds
If you’re looking to upgrade your pet’s sleeping chamber, check out Architecture, Art and Design. They have 25 different DIY pet bed ideas that all come from recycled material. Love these!!!


Books: Flo & Wendell – A new book from William Wegman -available September 26, 2013!

William Wegman is best known for creating series of photographs involving dogs, primarily his own Weimeraners in various costumes and poses. His newest endeavor is a children’s book called “Flo & Wendell”. Based on the relationship between his dogs, Flo and Topper, this new book will encompass both his painting and photography. For more information, watch the Wegman Short for Penguin.

Product: Potting Shed Creations – Catnip, Cat & Dog Grass

Currently being sold in our Kathy Davis Gallery store are these great items for your pets from Potting Shed Creations! We carry their Catnip, and also Cat or Dog Grass that is an easy to grow treat for pet health and vitality. If you are in the area, stop by our shop and pick up a few so you can grow some fresh treats for your pets!


Fashion/Style: Jonathan Adler for Pet Lovers
Who says your pets can’t eat in style? Designer Jonathan Adler has some hip and trendy pet accessories! Head over to his website to check out these fun finds.


Charity/Event: The Gentle Barn
I first discovered The Gentle Barn on Facebook, where I keep up with their heartwarming news and rescues.

I later found out that this is a favorite charity of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, who are devoted animal lovers.
The Gentle Barn, located in Santa Clarita, California, rescues, rehabilitates and gives sanctuary to abused animals, like Biscuit the pig, 1000 pounds of pure love who was found in a pumpkin patch.

They also work with children from the inner-city, group homes, mental health care facilities, foster homes, and schools to teach them that even though we are all different on the outside, on the inside we are all the same and are deserving of the same rights, respects and freedom. Their ultimate goal is to open Gentle Barns across the country so that every animal and child can have a place of healing and safety and where they can be seen for the perfect beings that they are. To find out more on how to donate or get involved visit their website.