Then & Now: Mother's Day Edition (Phyllis & Naomi)

May 6, 2013



Then: Naomi & Phyllis   Now: Phyllis & Naomi

What do you call your “Mom”?

What is your earliest childhood memory about your Mom?
I am sitting in a small, round inflatable pool at the age of about 2 or 3, and she is sitting near me in the small backyard of our first home.

What favorite things did you do with your Mom when you were growing up?
Baking pies, playing board games and shopping.

What things did Mom make you do that you didn’t want to do?
She tried to teach me how to fix things with tools (hammer/screwdriver, etc.), which I resisted vehemently and now regret to this day.

How do you most want to be like your Mom?
I want to be as warm and outgoing, supportive and creative as she is.

How has your Mom impacted your life / What do you most admire about her?
I admire her sense of humor (even when it goes to the dark side) and easy laugh, her creativity, her organizational skills, her warmth

Do you have a funny story or memory you would like to share?
My mom made me “famous” among my friends for creative birthday parties. One of the most memorable was her “Come As Your Mother” Party.  We lived in a small town in an era when every mom was a stay-at-home mom. For the party, we were a bunch of 11 year old girls wearing our mothers’ clothing and high heels and carrying snap-close handbags. Mom made the invitations by re-creating miniatures of the painting “Whistler’s Mother,” and she wrote a rhyme explaining the party concept. We had dainty tea sandwiches to eat and games of her own invention. It was amazing!

What makes her better than any other Mom?
She is brilliantly creative and artistic, her sense of humor never fails her, she was a devoted wife and caregiver to my dad through decades of his illness and still managed to be there for her three young adult kids and her mother and mother-in-law, she is a wonderful listener, has great common sense and wisdom and adores her family, extended family and friends. She is always doing for others and is loved by everyone who knows her.  She has always been there for me, no matter what.

What’s the best advice your Mom has given you?
Make a decision, stick with it and make the best of it. Whatever you’re afraid of, chances are someone has been there before you and managed to get through it. Things could always be worse.

Describe your Mom with 3 words
Loving, optimistic, capable

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