Then & Now: Mother’s Day Edition (Kim and Carol)

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Then: Carol & Kim   Now: Carol & Kim

What do you call your “Mom”?
I call her Mom – but whenever I talk to my sister we always refer to my mom as Mommy.

What is your earliest childhood memory about your Mom?
I remember my mom putting my hair in rollers for special occasions and she always used dippy doo which I can still remember loving the smell of. What a weird hair product!

What favorite things did you do with your Mom when you were growing up?
Going camping and flea marketing was always such fun with my mom

What is your favorite thing to do when you get together?
Drink wine, tell funny stories and Laugh!

Do you have a funny story or memory you would like to share?
I can remember a canoe ride that went bad. We had a lovely day canoeing about but the weather took a shift for the worse and the winds picked up and the pond we had to cross became very rough. My mom and dad were struggling to paddle us to shore and told us to hold on tight!! Well the canoe capsized but my sister and I did what we were told and held on tight…my parents talk about the panic they felt when we didn’t pop to the surface…and then the relief when my dad flip the canoe over and there we were holding tight! Quite a memorable afternoon for us all.

What makes her better than any other Mom?

She’s MINE!!

Describe your Mom with 3 words
Kind, Thoughtful, Funny


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  • katie atkinson


    Camping and flea marketing – interesting how you have carried on both traditions… 🙂

  • kathy davis


    Dippity Do! Haven’t heard that one in a while, but loved that pink gunk! Sounds like you had a lot of fun times with your mom – and still do!

  • JGerhardt


    Loved dippity do. Did your Mom tape your bangs down before picture day?

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