Then & Now: Mother's Day Edition (Jon and Nancy)

May 7, 2013



Then: Nancy & Jon   Now: Nancy & Jon

What do you call your “Mom”?
Mother Dearest – Queen of the Entire Universe. Just kidding… Simply, Mom.

What is your earliest childhood memory about your Mom?
I remember her singing to me as I fell asleep when I was little. Not sure how young I was… 16? Maybe, 17 years old?

What things did Mom make you do that you didn’t want to do?
Clean… the entire house! Thankfully it has made me a helpful husband these days and I really don’t mind doing housework at all.

When you got into trouble, what did Mom do that helped you learn?
She is and has always been very understanding. Her perspective was always helpful in sticky situations. I knew what I did wrong, and she knew that I didn’t need to be screamed at to understand.

What is your favorite thing to do when you get together?
Wine party!

What’s the best advice your Mom has given you?
Take it easy.

Describe your Mom with 3 words
Smart, Thoughtful, Fun.


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