Then & Now: Mother's Day Edition (Joanna and Lynn)

May 11, 2013



Then: Joanna & Lynn   Now: Lynn & Joanna

What do you call your “Mom”?

What is your earliest childhood memory about your Mom?

I remember my mom bringing my younger sister home from the hospital. I was 4 years old at the time. I remember her being so excited to see my older sister and I.

What things did your Mom make you do that you didn’t want to do?
My mom never made us do what we didn’t want to do…at least i don’t remember her doing so. If we hesitated, she pushed but we were never forced to do something we really did not want to do. That freedom, I think encouraged us to try things without fear that we were bound to anything forever, we often persevered at our own will.

When you got into trouble, what did your Mom do that helped you learn?
Although we got ourselves into trouble….my mom never made us feel that we had to get ourselves out of it alone but she certainly didn’t do it for us either. I remember a time, i went into a neighbors yard without their permission to use their swing, it broke while I was playing on it. It was weathered, not my fault, but my mom made me walk down and let them know I did it…. she came along with me and instead of scolding me for using it without permission she assured me it was an accident. She had a way of teaching responsibility without humiliation and supporting us to make it right instead of focusing on what we did wrong…Nice Approach Mom!

How do you most want to be like your Mom? 

My mom always had this way of trusting us enough to let us make our own decisions but teaching, guiding and disciplining us enough to make sure (or hope) we made the right ones…For the most part, my sisters and I made pretty good decisions growing up. How did she do that?!!?

Growing up, what is a favorite memory of your Mom?
A favorite memory of my childhood is my mom driving us (my 2 sisters and I) to school in the morning and being there when we ran in the door in the afternoon. She was always at the ironing board, ironing uniform blouses, watching soaps and drinking tea… the smell of spray starch is completely connected to the 3 o’clock hour for me…. Crazy after all these years?!

How has your Mom impacted your life?
What do you most admire about her? 
My mom made being a mother seem easy and seamless. I never remember her looking frazzled or stressed. I have always loved my mom and appreciated her but the true appreciation came when I became a mother myself…it was this instant feeling of… “WoW! My mom is pretty amazing!” She is such an important part of my life, we interact daily, and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

What is your favorite thing to do when you get together?
My list of favorite things to do with my mom just keeps growing… baking, cooking, shopping, eating, sewing, gardening…or just sitting on the porch. Just being together is always, always time well spent.

What makes her better than any other Mom?
My mom always has and still does encourage us to be our own individual people. She doesn’t over protect, over instruct or over direct…. She “guides” and there’s something so admirable about that…especially being a mother now myself, I can really appreciate the ability to do that, it certainly takes a special one-of-a-kind mom!

What’s the best advice your Mom has given you?
Some of my favorite advice from my mom is that you’re never fully dressed without earrings! To this day, I never, ever go without earrings…should I ever run out of the house without them, there’s a spare in my car, my purse & my desk!


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