Ten Joyful Ways to Treat Mom

May 8, 2014



Aren’t Moms the greatest? All through the year they’re on duty, providing care, wisdom and an endless supply of love. It almost seems impossible to fit all the gratitude we feel for them into just one Mother’s Day. Fortunately, our creative team is full of thoughtful  ideas to make Mom feel truly appreciated. Below are our top ten ideas for how to treat your own Mom this Mother’s Day. How about you? How will you be celebrating this weekend?

1.    Fresh Flowers: Either from your local florist, greenhouse or even backyard, they’re a perfect representation of just how lovely you think your mom is.

2.    A Sweet, Meaningful gift: Maybe it’s a scarf she’s been eyeing, or little gift with special meaning – Moms will always appreciate the extra thought.

3.    Cleaning Service: Have Mom prop up her feet while you do your fair share of household “chores.”

4.    Sent from the Heart: Make a list of all the wonderful things that you love and appreciate about her and sign it with a great big thank you.

5.    In the Garden: When the flowers are in full bloom, she’ll remember the fun times you spent planting them together.

6.    Treasured Memories: Put together a little photo journal, complete with pictures and handwritten notes of gratitude.

7.    Spa Treatment: Treat mom to a new candle, eye mask or scented lotion – she could use a little time to unwind now and then!

8.    Keeping Connected: Is distance keeping you apart this Mother’s Day? Now is the perfect time for a nice, long phone call.

9.    Mom’s Favorite: Remember all those times Mom whipped up your favorite dish or dessert? Now’s your turn!

10.    A Cozy Breakfast: Arrange for your mom to have breakfast in bed, or take her out to her favorite brunch spot.

Vana Chupp

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Martha Stewart

Jean-Bernard Cabana