Ten Joyful Signs of Fall

Oct 22, 2013



Nature’s seasons always have a way of revealing themselves in simple, joyful ways. From leaf piles to lattes, here are our top ten signs that this colorful season has arrived. How about you – what are your favorite “joyful signs” of fall?

1.    Bright orange pumpkins just waiting for a spooky jack-o’-lantern transformation.
2.    Vibrant foliage in shades of red, gold and burgundy.
3.    Warm flannels layered on for a day of outdoor exploring.
4.    Fresh, crisp apples picked by hand.
5.    Bumpy hay rides at your local fall festival.
6.    A big slice of homemade pie.
7.    Cozy sweaters that even our four-legged friends can’t resist.
8.    Pumpkin-spiced anything!
9.    Big, crunchy piles of leaves – perfect for diving into.
10.  Warm boots and cozy socks.


Photo Credits:
Emily K Designs
Elena  Karneeva
The Bojon Gourmet
The Alternative Wife
Suzanne Leigh