Style Guide: Butterfly Garden

Jun 10, 2013



It’s no secret that so much of the painting, writing, and designing that goes on around here draws inspiration from nature and its ever changing beauty.  For me, there’s just something about watching the seasons transition that I’ve always found fascinating. The shifts of color, changes in scenery, even the weather patterns – it’s natures story telling at its finest. I couldn’t think of any imagery that embodies this change better than the butterfly – the key focal point of Kathy’s Flutterby designs. The oranges and yellows offset by rich jewel tones and greens make this collection the perfect early summer palette. One look, and I envision a dreamy butterfly garden shaded in greenery and tucked away behind a garden gate.

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect little spot to be inspired?

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Book and Yellow Butterflies:

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