Simple ways to make this a joyful year

Jan 25, 2017


We all want to flourish in the new year, leading healthy and happy lives. A big part of that is feeling connected to the people we love and the values we cherish.

So as we settle into 2017, here are some of our favorite ways to make this new year a meaningful and joyful one!

Set aside time just for you. Whether it’s a yoga or meditation practice, a class you’ve always wanted to try, time in your garden, art studio or another favorite place — even just a few minutes doing what you love can help keep you centered and energized. Protect that space as you would any other important date on your calendar.

Make time for the people you love. That means being there to share in their memorable moments, as well as when they need your support. But keeping those heartfelt connections can also be as simple as weaving small, thoughtful gestures into the everyday.

Give from the heart. A smile, a kind word, a compliment — there are so many ways to brighten the world around you. After all, joy shared is joy multiplied!  

Make the most of every moment. Life gives us so much to celebrate, from its milestones to its simple pleasures. Being present to the good all around us makes it easier to approach each moment, big or small, with a heart full of gratitude.

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