Scattering Birthday Joy

Jul 1, 2013



‘Scuse me while I brag a bit…but I have an amazing team of talented and caring people at KDS! My birthday was a week or so ago…(I keep trying to run from them but found that I can’t hide), and my team surprised me with a little celebration. Every year (for as many as I can remember now), some member of our design team takes on the creation of an original birthday card for me. Now, I do understand the dilemma. After all, we design greeting cards day after day. So these birthday cards can not be your average card.

This annual affair all started years ago when one of our designers hand-painted an original card for me that everyone signed. In successive years the designs became more complex…and even dimensional! I have had cards in the shapes of birthday cakes, banners, and even trivia card games!

This year, Anna, one of our production designers (who has been known to surprise and delight with her talents), assumed the task. She pulled out all the stops with the creation of a real piñata! This was not just any piñata! It was in the shape of our butterfly brand logo…and she fashioned the wire and paper construction by hand! It was beauteous!!! And then, I was supposed to smash it!???!!! Oh, no!


While we weren’t quite equipped with the right South of the Border style setting, we made do in our conference room with the help of two metal t-squares (that will never again be quite the same!)…and the daring assistance of my husband (and our COO), Peter.

I lashed into the beautiful butterfly repeatedly until I hit pay dirt – and the candy treats and individual messages from each one in our team came spilling out! In Anna’s words, it was “a literal explosion of butterflies”!


JOY was scattered once again at KDS. Now, am I a lucky girl or what???

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