A Place of Quiet: How Solitude Keeps Us Present in Our Everyday Life and Home.

Mar 18, 2016



Part of Creating a Life You Love means not only surrounding yourself with beautiful things but maintaining a home environment that inspires peace, tranquility and mindfulness. This month, as we celebrate the theme Be Present, we’ve invited author and staging consultant Jill Angelo to share how our decorating choices can inspire us to be more present in our everyday:

Solitude is essential for creating, decorating, and appreciating your home. Without solitude, the crazy business of modern life is all too likely to take over and rob you of peace. Many of us spend most of every day in front of one screen or another: our smart phone, computer, the TV (sometimes all three at once). It can be exhausting to the mind and spirit. It isn’t until we disconnect—literally “unplug” ourselves from technology, close our eyes, take a deep, cleansing breath and come back to center —that we fulfill our essential need for peace.    

Solitude has nothing to do with loneliness. Instead, it’s about embracing quiet, celebrating its healing qualities, and allowing it to teach you how to listen more deeply to your inner world. Silence allows for contemplation and reflection. Through silence, we build deeper relationships. And, more importantly, silence allows us to become more present in our everyday lives.

When you consider solitude in connection with creating and decorating your home, welcome these clarifying words — calm, stillness, quiet, peace, tranquility — and infuse them into your decorating palette with textiles and color.    


Become fully acquainted with what ignites your sense of touch. Is it deep, thick, velvet draperies? Crisp cotton or delicate lace curtains? Maybe it is a puffy, white down or thick, polar-fleeced blanket. A deep, worn leather sofa or a soft suede over-sized chair. When you are inspired by your textile choices, your rooms will radiate the clarifying qualities you’ve used to create them. Be mindful of the textiles in each room and decide whether they fill a functional need or simply appeal to your senses (or both). 

The vibration of color is the essential foundation for our created environment. The amazing gift of color can instantaneously transform your home. Colors directly affect our moods and have tremendous influence in shifting the way we feel at home. When choosing colors for peace and tranquility in your home, consider these hues and their significance:

  • Browns are grounding and stable

  • Blues prompt patience and calmness

  • Whites suggest purity, peace and simplicity

  • Greens inspire balance and harmony

Here are 5 easy suggestions to bring peace and tranquility into your everyday life and your home:

  • Declare “electronic-free” moments, hours, or — better yet —days. No phones, computers, TV, or electronic games.

  • Use your favorite chair as a “time-out” chair — a place of sanctuary and self-renewal. Sit by a window. Read a book. Take a catnap. Make sure to have your favorite blanket with you.

  • Have green plants and fresh flowers in your home. They are an absolute life force and elevate oxygen levels.

  • Bring your favorite natural smells into the home with herbs, essential oils, or candles.

  • Above all, keep things simple and as clutter-free as possible. 

Remember, your home is a reflection of your inner world. Make it sacred. And beautiful.  

Jill Angelo is the author of Sacred Space: Turning Your Home Into A Sanctuary. She has more than 25 years of experience in business and operations management, an education in marketing and design, and a background in psychology and the mystical arts. Her fine-tuned abilities and out-of-the-box approach to life have uniquely prepared her for creating sacred spaces for people with wide-ranging interests and budgets.

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