My Day on QVC

Jun 10, 2013



Well, actually, it was only seven minutes on live TV, but who’s counting???

As many of you know, I designed several sets of mug trees with our partner, Tabletops Unlimited as an exclusive offering for the home shopping giant, QVC. Their studio is located not far from us, in the West Chester, PA area. Yesterday I was invited to be a guest on the show “In the Kitchen with David” to talk about my product. We offered three sets of mugs with the themes of Friends, Love and Dreams. David made my job easy – he is very personable and is a generous and gifted host- and we actually sold out of the Friends set!

In addition, I want to thank everyone at TTU for their support and belief in me, Bill and Donna O’Donnell for overseeing the process, Laura Gibbs for her friendship and mentoring, the staff at QVC, especially Nick and all the stylists…and of course my KDS team… Melissa and Jon on the marketing team…and last but not least, my husband, Peter. He puts up with my whining, my worrying and always helps me carry the heavy stuff!

Here are some photos of my day…

 photo-1Getting glam with the help of a talented QVC stylist

IMG 1333
Backstage before the show with my host, Dave.

IMG 0288
IMG 0287
Backstage styling of my mug product before the show

Two of my mugs got double duty when they were borrowed by Marlene Koch to help style her set for her top-selling cookbook “Eat More of What You Love”!

IMG 0289
Backstage wringing my hands before my segment!!! With friend and mentor Laura Gibbs who is often featured on QVC cooking shows!


IMG 0291
Waiting to go on was the worst part…



Still shots from the show as viewed from the Green Room, where my husband was hanging out!


For any of you who missed the QVC airing but would still like to purchase one of my QVC exclusive mug sets, click here to visit Thank you for your support!

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