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Kathy’s Story

Kathy Davis is an artist, author and business owner whose expressive painting and hand-written messages have inspired millions since she started her business over 25 years ago. From a small drawing table in the corner of her bedroom, she began her pursuit to create a life she could love, one greeting card at a time. Today, the former teacher turned artist and entrepreneur acts as chief visionary officer of the company that bears her name.

Kathy’s colorful artwork is now seen on lifestyle products she creates in the gift, home décor, fashion and social expression industries. Her brand promise to “Scatter Joy: Joy through Art, Joy through Living, Joy through Giving” permeates all of her designs. With the variety of products she creates, Kathy scatters joy to more than 90 million consumers worldwide each year. Approximately 125,000 Kathy Davis greeting cards are sold daily by American Greetings, and over 400 million have sold in her career. In addition, Kathy is the author of multiple books and a dedicated philanthropist, whose passion has led her to establish the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts, located in Horsham, PA.

Kathy’s work reflects her lifestyle and all the things that inspire her. Her affinity for nature, understanding of people and desire to give back to the world are driving forces in her creative process and have guided her in inspiring others to create a life they love.

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