Happy Father’s Day!

by Kathy Davis Studios| June 17 , 2012

Being a wonderful Father doesn’t just happen…
It takes a heart filled with love and patience,
and a special kind of understanding
to help, hope, and inspire…

…Thank you for being the kind of Father
whose love lights up every day of my life.

Happy Father’s Day
with love.

Card of the Week: Happy First Father’s Day

by Kathy Davis Studios| June 11 , 2012

Happy First Father’s Day
A daddy’s work is never done,
but then there’s always time for FUN…

piggy-back rides & peek-a-boo,
great big hugs & coochy-coo,
tummy tickles, pat-a-cake,
late night feedings that keep you awake,
butterfly kisses, bathtime fun,
bedtime stories when day is done.

However you spend it,
hope your first Father’s Day
is filled with FUN!

Card of the Week: Look for the Rainbows

by Kathy Davis Studios| May 29 , 2012

Happy Birthday Mother
Thank you for being the kind of mother
who looks for rainbows on rainy days,
who counts the wins but not the losses,

who heals with hugs, lights up with laughter
and loves with her whole heart.

When I look at the world through your eyes,
I see a beautiful place.
With gratitude and love I thank you for that priceless gift,
and wish you the wonderful kind of birthday you deserve.

Card of the Week: Lift Me Up

by Kathy Davis Studios| May 22 , 2012

You’re always there to lift me up with a smile or a kind word,
and you know how to make me feel like I’m
the most important person in the world.

I’m so grateful you’re my mother,
and today I want to tell you how happy that makes me!
Happy Birthday with much love and gratitude.

Card of the Week: Thank You Mom

by Kathy Davis Studios| May 01 , 2012


Thank you Mom,
for always correcting without scolding,
teaching without preaching,
helping by letting me try things myself,
and loving me freely, openly and unconditionally.

For the gentle, yet strong ways you’ve always encouraged me
to be the best person i can be, I thank you.
Your gifts of love are priceless to me

Happy Mother’s Day

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