Interview with Smart Creative Women

Apr 19, 2013


Kathy recently had a great interview with blogger Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women! They had a blast chatting about how Kathy’s career beginnings, how she created her company, her mission to start a community arts center and her overall creative journey.

Click on the video link below to enjoy the entire interview.



The paragraph below is taken from the Smart Creative Women website:

“I was so excited to talk to Kathy Davis about her career, her business and her personal artistic journey. She is a greeting card MASTER, painting and writing meaningful messages to “scatter joy” out into the world.

She is such a warm,  down to earth entrepreneur.  If you are in need of some inspiration, this is the interview to watch. You’ll find out just how much art the Kathy Davis Studio produces every year and how she at one time  doubted herself and her own abilities. Read: It happens to everyone but you can get past it! Kathy has pushed past her own doubts and has gone on to  employ a team of 23!  Kathy Davis and her team have sold over 400 million cards to date! Wow and wow!  They have even opened a new store in Pennsylvania.  If you can’t make it, you can shop right on her website.

Kathy not only creates beautiful art for multiple products but also has a vision to support the arts and artists. (Gotta love that!) Listen in to all the details and find out more about this amazing smart creative woman.”