Fun Fixtures

Apr 9, 2013


Getting our Gallery ready has been a creative challenge from the get-go! We have been gathering quite a unique blend of tables and shelving to give some flair to our small space.

Among my favorites is this old workbench that belonged to my grandfather. When we found it dismantled and deteriorating in our garage, it looked pretty dismal, but with help from our handymen Tim and Keith, it became transformed into our proud cash wrap, with a shiny new glass surface! I bet it holds some stories deep in its wooden pores!

IMG 2676 3122

This snappy citron-colored case will house some of our more precious pieces, like these beautiful embroidered pillows. (We had been debating whether to call the color of the case yellow or green, but I think “citron” suits it to a “T”! (citron. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary…. a greenish yellow color)

IMG 2682 3196

A special find at the “Dump”, this pretty piece has been described to us as a Mexican Wedding Table. Covered with designs in a delicate hammered tin, I think it will make a great place to show off a changing array of product.

IMG 2685 3257

Our friends at Philadelphia Salvage rescued this small desk from a metal factory in Baltimore. It sat in the receiving department and served as the workspace for a man who used it for over 40 years!!! Talk about stories…

Now, in its second life, this sweet piece is home to my books and tableware.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our fun finds and reading the little stories that make them special.