Food for Thought: 5 reasons to shop local

Jun 8, 2016



At Kathy Davis, you might say we’re pretty enthusiastic about preparing food that’s fresh and healthy. It’s probably because we believe that nurturing ourselves and our loved ones is such an important – and satisfying – part of Creating a Life You Love. We’re constantly sharing tips about where to buy the freshest produce, because we’ve learned that a great way to make eating well fun, interesting and fulfilling is to “shop local.”

At this time of year, there are so many options to shop local…farm stands…CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)…co-ops…community gardens. There are lots of ways shopping local can help Create a Life You Love…and many reasons why it’s simply a great idea. Here are five!

Shopping local: 

1)…gets us outdoors and puts us in a better state of mind. Think about it…where are we happier? Shivering in the frozen food aisles and eyeing anemic tomatoes at the supermarket? Or strolling among freshly harvested fruits and veggies in the fresh air and sunshine?

2)…creates community. Shopping local gives us a chance to engage with friends and neighbors and connects us with nearby farmers. Besides growing relationships, it also builds local economy, because buying local helps to keep our food dollars circulating in our communities.    

3)…is a more creative shopping experience, one that inspires us to try new ingredients and brainstorm new recipe ideas.

4)…promotes a greater sense of family and sharing. When we buy local foods, we are encouraged and inspired by the fresh options. Who doesn’t spy some beautiful greens and imagine a tossed salad creation to share? And isn’t it amazing how a quart of gorgeous strawberries can conjure up images of a yummy, easy-to-prepare strawberry shortcake? After all, there’s nothing better than sharing good times with family over a wonderful fresh meal.
5)…is healthier for our loved ones…and ourselves! Shopping local simply boosts our well-being, especially when local foods are grown sustainably without using harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Locally grown produce not only tastes fresher, but it has the added advantage of retaining its nutritional value, because it doesn’t have to be shipped great distances. The nutrients in most supermarket fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, tend to be depleted because they can spend one to two weeks in transit. In addition, transportation requires fuel consumption, which in turn has an impact on the environment. In all, knowing we’re opting for environmentally friendly and healthy food makes us not only feel better physically, it makes us feel good about making a difference.


To help make things a bit easier this local shopping season, we’re offering a free KATHY DAVIS™ meal planner for you to enjoy! Simply follow the instructions below to download, and be sure to let us know what you create with your farm stand finds!

Instructions for download:
Click here to download the “8.5 x “11 PDF. When the image pops up in a new window, just right click and save your free printable.


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