Find the Words in Your Heart: Personalizing Your Father's Day Message

Jun 13, 2016



At Kathy Davis, we love Dad! After all, he’s the guy who’s there for his family in so many special ways, whether he’s on his own or sharing life with a wife or partner, and with Father’s Day approaching, it’s finally Dad’s turn to be appreciated!  The easiest way to do that is with a greeting card  – one that resonates with you and most closely reflects your relationship with the special Dad in your life. Next, it’s nice to add a few of your own words to make it that much more personal.

If you find this part a bit of a challenge, no worries! At Kathy Davis, we’re all about helping you find the words to express the love that’s in your heart. Here are a few tips to help you personalize your Father’s Day card with your own touch of heartfelt connection!

To Dad
He’s the man – the reason we’re here! And in many families, he’s kind of an unsung hero. Since it’s not always easy to say it verbally, why not look at this as an opportunity to write it from your heart. Consider writing something about why he is so special to you. What has Dad done for you recently? Maybe he helped you out of a jam, gave you some advice…or just gave you a simple pep talk.

          •    “Thanks, Dad, for having my back when I _______.  I love you!”
          •    “Dad, you always have the best advice. Thanks for
                 listening/being there. You’re the best!”
          •    “Dad, whenever I’m feeling down, I know I can come to you to help
                me put things in perspective. Love you so much.”

To your Husband/Partner

He’s right there by your side.  Co-parenting. Dealing with household stuff. Sharing all of life’s moments. And he just “gets” you.  So here’s your opportunity to tell him what a great Dad he is to the kids…and how much he means to you. (Don’t be afraid to get a little romantic!)

          •    “I’m so lucky to have you by my side. You’re an awesome dad to the
                kids and the BEST husband/partner. I love you with all my heart.”  
          •    “Love watching you with the kids. Thanks for being such a wonderful
                 father…and the love of my life.”
          •    “You do so much for our family, and you do it with your whole heart.
                I want you to know how much I appreciate and love you.”

To the guy who’s like a dad
He may not be everyone’s biological dad, but he sure does play the part! Why not write a few lines to tell him how important he is in your life?

         •    “It’s so amazing to know you’re there. I feel really lucky to have you in
               my life. Happy Father’s Day!”
         •    “It’s nice to have a great guy like you in our family.”
         •    “You’re a great guy, and you have a special place in our family. Have
                an amazing Father’s Day!”

To your grandfather
He’s more than just the parent of your parent…he’s Grandpa, Pop-pop, Pop, Papa, Granddad, Gramps…whatever you like to call him. And he’s a special man with a lot of life experience, family history and wisdom to share. Why not single out a special memory in your message to let him know what a difference he makes in your life?

          •    “I’ll always remember the time we went/saw/shared/did  [something]
                together. You’re a wonderful grandpa, and I love you so much!”
          •    “You’re so much fun to be around! I hope you have a great Father’s
                Day! Love you lots!”
          •    “I know we don’t see other as much as we’d like, but when we do,
                we make it  count! You’re the BEST, Grandpa! Enjoy your
                Father’s Day!”

To your son
He’s the apple of your eye…the boy who grew up to be the dad to your grandchild. It doesn’t get any better than that! Why not let him know what a great Dad he is and just how proud you are of him.

          •    “Love seeing you with [name of grandchild/ren].  He/she/they just
                love their Dad! You’re doing a wonderful job – so proud of you!”
          •    “I’m so blessed to have a grandchild/grandchildren and so proud of
                their Dad! You’re such a wonderful father! Hope you have a great
                Father’s Day!
          •    “You do so much for your family…hope you take some time to relax.
                You’re a terrific Dad, and you deserve a day just for you!

Father’s Day is your chance to tell all the special Dads in your life how much they mean to you.  Try not to stress about what to say. When you sit down to write, just keep your focus on him, and the words will come! We can promise that no matter how you say it, your message will be appreciated.

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