Express Gratitude

Nov 23, 2016


Easy Steps To Express Gratitude


When you say thank you, you affirm your appreciation. When you express gratitude, you are saying out loud to the world: “I love this and want more of this in my life.”

What are you grateful for? Your beating heart? Your dog’s wagging tail when you walk in the door? The juicy delicious apples that grow on trees? The snowstorm that let you stay home and snuggle under a blanket? The handwritten note you received in the mail? The airline voucher that invites you to travel to see friends?

Have you ever heard that “gratitude” is a state of being? Ever wondered how to travel to that state of happiness and bliss? Here is a simple practice to take you there any time, anywhere.

Easy Steps to Express Gratitude

     1. Shift your awareness to all the good stuff, instead of focusing on
         anything that went wrong today.

     2. Grab your favorite journal and make a list of at least 10 things you
          are grateful for, no matter how small. If you have more than 10
          items, keep writing until your list feels complete.

     3. After you finish writing, take a deep breath and read over all the
         items on your list.

     4. Connect with any feelings of warmth or happiness, and invite them
          to grow and spread throughout your entire body. Allow the feelings
          to spread into the room around you, until you are completely filled
          with and surrounded by gratitude.

     5. Breathe and smile. Beautiful! You are now in a state of gratitude.


Contributor: Erin Owen, mother of 2 boys, author of Refuel, Recharge, and Re-energize: Your Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Time and Energy, is a Transformational Life Coach for Leaders. Learn more at

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