Evening Reflections: Creating Peace and Calm at the End of the Day.

Jun 28, 2016



Take a moment just for you! Evening is a natural time for winding down, reflecting, and relaxing after a long day. While we at Kathy Davis believe in living each day to the fullest, it’s so important to recognize the value of preparing for a restful night’s sleep, too. Let’s face it, everyone needs rest – it’s how we re-charge so we can pursue Creating a Life We Love. Here are a few great ways to unwind:

     1. Keep it simple with a few scented candles.

     2. Fill a tub with bubble bath and take a long soak. Breathe deeply
          and exhale the cares of the day.

     3. Set aside some reading time. Even a few minutes with a good book
         may help you take your mind off your problems and unwind before
         you sleep.

     4. Treat yourself to quality pillows, blankets and linens. It’s amazing what
          soft, luxurious bedding can do to support a good night’s sleep!

     5. For a more peaceful rest, pause and appreciate the events of the day for
         which you’re especially thankful. You may want to write in a journal,
         pray or meditate that you may:

               • Find the joy in each day and share it with those you love

               • Seek and appreciate the beauty in your surroundings

               • Find peace within and offer it to others

We hope that you allow yourself some time to wind down and truly enjoy your evenings. It’s something we all deserve, but probably don’t do enough – that’s why we add a little extra TLC to each detail of the KATHY DAVIS™ bedding collection, available here and here.


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