Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

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Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

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  • joan d harms


    My daughter-in-law Debbie, recently visited me with my son Carl, her husband. Debbie and I haven’t had a chance to be friends because she and Carl live in Phoenix, AZ and I live in Buffalo, NY I have 4 other children and each of their spouses at one time or another have told me they think I’m a good mother-in-law. I wanted to prove that to Debbie. I planned a special day for just the 2 of us to share during her recent visit. It was a beautiful wild and windy day here in Western New York and the cobblestone area of Niagara County where I planned to stop. The sun peeked in and out of the clouds all day, the leaves were turning and the earth had just been harvested and showed its pure rich soil in every vacant field. We stopped at an Amish shop, bought fresh squash, pumpkins and dried flowers at a local farm. We ate lunch at a former stage coach stop turned into a restaurant. On our way home we stopped at a estate sale in a beautiful old home in Albion, NY. We each bought a little treasure there.
    It was a truly relaxing and fun day. I felt I had succeeded with my mission when I heard her excitedly tell Carl about our adventures.

    Now I’m sure I succeeded in my mission because today I received one of your cards from her as a thank you for our day together. It is a simply adorable and colorful card in which she wrote: Dear Joan: I TRULY APPRECIATED ALL THE PLANNING YOU PUT INTO OUR DAY LONG ADVENTURE. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I HOPE WE CAN DO IT AGAIN SOON. I FEEL BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH A CARING AND LOVING MOTHER-IN-LAW. Love, Debbie.

    Thank you Kathy for making your beautiful cards that help people express themselves in kind and caring ways. Sincerely, Joan D. Harms

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