Engagement Series (Part 3)

Feb 12, 2016


Jon and Deanna’s Engagement Story
(as told by Jon –Kathy Davis Marketing Manager)

About the couple:

How did you first meet?
It was fourth grade and she was the new kid at school. I was drawn to her immediately, which is so weird for a kid to experience when I think back on it as an adult. I’ll never forget seeing her on the playground by the swings. It’s so cool to have such a vivid memory 20 years later.

What was your first date?
We’ve always been into the same music (except for her time as an ‘N Sync super-fan), so we went to a Battle of the Bands in our high school’s parking lot. It was awesome, and one of the bands playing that night ended up making it pretty big, and they were totally the soundtrack to the early years of our relationship. We still listen to them from time to time. Always brings back great memories.

What’s one of your favorite things about your spouse?
Definitely her selflessness. She gives and gives and gives to those around her. I love her for that. It’s inspiring, and I admire her for how she cares so deeply for her friends and family.

Why did you fall in love with your spouse?
So hard to answer this one… There are so many things about her that make her special, unique and dear to me. She’s just simply always been someone that I can’t live without. She completes me. No doubt about it.


About the proposal:

How was the question popped?
We were driving in my car, and I acted like it was breaking down, so I pulled over, popped the hood, asked her to come out and give me a hand and then popped the question. We spent the rest of the afternoon at our favorite restaurant and the evening celebrating with friends.

Was the location significant to you two?
It was the exact spot where I asked her to be my girlfriend when we were in high school. It may just be a parking lot, but it’s the most special parking lot on the planet to me (us).

What was the response?
Hysterical laughter, very loud expletives, followed by YES!

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