Engagement Series (Part 1)

Feb 3, 2016


Happy February! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re cherishing love this month with a special engagement series from our Kathy Davis Brand team members.  From proposals in parks to parking lots, each story is sweetly inspiring and completely unique – just like each couple!

We hope you enjoy following along, and perhaps spend a little time cherishing the memories you share with your own special someone.


 Meghann and Shaun’s Engagement Story 
(as told by Meghann –Kathy Davis Senior Brand Designer)

About the couple:

How did you first meet?
Shaun lived in an apartment with seven other guys. My boyfriend (at the time) and I went there one night to watch Sopranos with one of Shaun’s roommates, who was a friend of mine. Shaun and I were introduced as Shaun was running out the door to go somewhere.

What was your first date?
We went to the Kutztown Tavern for dinner.

What’s one of your favorite things about your spouse?
He finds a way to make me feel special every day – whether it is a quick text to say “I love you” or a random hug while I am making dinner.

Why did you fall in love with your spouse?
His blue eyes got my attention, but as I got to know Shaun, I could see he was genuine, kind, hardworking, down to earth… being with him felt like being “home.”


About the proposal:

How was the question popped?
We went to Tyler State Park for a walk on a summer evening. We sat down in a field to watch the sun set. As we were sitting together he took the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him.

Was the location significant to you two?
Yes. We would go there all the time to walk the trails, picnic and creek walk.

What was the response?
I said yes.

Finish this statement:

Our engagement was so “us” because…
We were outside surrounded by nature, which we both love. A unique part of that particular evening was that we noticed Monarch butterflies everywhere – they must have been migrating, because I had never seen so many at one time before.

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