Appreciate Yourself: Take care of yourself and follow your heart.

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5 Ways to Set Aside Time for You and Clear Your Mind:

1.  Breathe. Pause now and take 3 easy, deep breaths. Just breathe, so you can release tension.

2.  Be. Sit somewhere with a picture or view of a plant or a tree or nature. Notice the colors and textures. Observe any subtle
     movements. Feel the air current or breeze against your skin. Just be, so you can feel grounded.

3.  Write. Before bedtime, empty your mind onto the pages of your favorite journal. Write freely without judgment for what
      you write. No worries about spelling or punctuation. Just write, so you can let go of the worries and distractions of the
      day and sleep more peacefully.

4.  Just the facts. Let go of any speculation or story-telling in your mind. Let the past be the past. Only allow space for you
     are 100% certain of. Just the facts, so you can reclaim your mental and emotional energy.

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