How to Personalize your Valentine message

by Kathy Davis Studios| February 10 , 2016


Valentine’s Day is the one day in the year dedicated to celebrating all the varieties of love relationships – between family members, romantic partners, and friends. Greeting cards are a great vehicle to help us express how we feel to those special people in our lives, and for Valentine’s Day, it’s nice to say just a little more to make it personal.

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect Valentine card, but there’s this voice in your head urging you to add a few words of your own – just to show a little effort. Kind of like going for the A+ instead of settling for the A! But what do you write in that blank space at the bottom of the page beyond XOXO and your signature? We’re here to help you find the words that say what’s in your heart!



Mom/Dad/Parents – Since a parent is the nucleus of the family, this one’s pretty important! Consider mentioning something specific about why they’re so special to you. Think back to something they’ve done for you recently and thank them for it. Maybe it was a bit of advice or some help with a project or “rescuing” you from a difficult situation or just listening to you.  

    • “Thanks, Mom, for helping me with _____. Love you!”
    •  “Nobody makes my fave pancakes like you, Dad! Love ya!”
    •  “Mom & Dad, thanks for always being available to help with the kids. Love you lots.”

Daughter/Son – Your kids! You love ‘em to pieces, whether they’re young or grown! Why not remind them that you’re so proud of them for a specific accomplishment, that you appreciate them for something they’ve done or something that makes them unique, or that you just enjoy spending time with them?

    • “I really admire your sportsmanship.”  
    • “You’re such a thoughtful person – I love how you always remember to _____.”
    • “You’ve got the biggest heart.”  “Love you so much for the caring/fun/considerate/
      honest person you are.”

Granddaughter/Grandson – They’re the apple of your eye, the ones you love to spoil, even if they’re all grown up! Here, too, focusing on something that’s unique to them is the best possible sign-off!  Let them know you’re proud of their accomplishments or tell them how much you enjoy their company and/or hearing from them.

     • “Can’t wait to spend some time together soon so we can [bake cookies/play a
        game/catch up, etc.]”
     • “So thrilled to know you’re happy [at school/in your new home/with the new
        baby, etc.]”



Husband/Wife/Partner – When you’re in it for the happily-ever-after, you know how easy it is to just take stuff for granted. Here’s your chance to write an intimate little note to the most important person in your life.  Mention something only the two of you would understand…use a pet name, reference an inside joke or compliment, or say you can’t wait to spend special alone time together.  

Boyfriend/Girlfriend – Whether you’ve declared your love or you’re not quite “there” right now, this is the perfect opportunity to express yourself to that special someone.  If you’re an established couple, you could reference a few romantic ideas mentioned above. If you’ve only been together for a few months, you could simply write something about time or experiences you’ve shared, or offer a compliment.

    • “I love hanging out with you.”
    • “It’s fun seeing our relationship grow.”
    • “You’re so easy to be with.” 



Blended family “mom,” “dad” or kids.
No matter your family’s make-up, it’s always nice to acknowledge your family members for the unique role they play in your life.

    • For the “mom” or dad”: “So glad we’re in this together” or “Glad we’re family.”
    • For kids: “You’re so considerate! I love how you ______”
    • “You’re so dependable! I can always count on you to_______”

Brand new love interest. If you’re in a new relationship, keep your message light, fun (and flirty, if you’re comfortable. Consider referring to a fun moment from your last date.

     • “Dinner was fun. Let’s do it again soon!”

No matter who your recipient is, it’s important to remember it’s the thought that matters – especially in this era of digital communication, when people truly value receiving greeting cards. So just have fun, don’t stress about it, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Seek Peace

by Kathy Davis Studios| November 20 , 2015


It’s Friday! Free your mind and let go! How do you Create A Life You Love? Share your stories with us on Instagram and tag @kathydavisbrand and #createalifeyoulove #seekpeace #kathydavisbrand

Saying Good-bye to “Santa”

by Kathy Davis Studios| June 16 , 2014


He may not have donned red suits or big black boots, and I never saw him travel by reindeer, but my friend Bill Sample shared many other things in common with that jolly old spirit. The former cop who had a children’s hospital on his beat was deeply touched by the chronically ill or abused children who were frequent hospital visitors. So much so that he borrowed money to make a sick child’s dream come true. With that, the Sunshine Foundation was born, becoming the first wish granting organization for kids in need.

There is no question that there was a strong resemblance between Bill Sample and the Santa character we love…
– Twinkle in his eye- check!
– White beard – check.
– Love for children (especially those with special needs) – double check!
– Selfless spirit of giving – check!

Instead of traveling to the North Pole, Bill headed south to make his magic happen… to central Florida to be exact.  It is here, in close proximity to the theme parks that so many children wish to visit, that he built the Dream Village of his vision. On 22 acres, he had nine charming cottages constructed and specially equipped for the kids.  This village is right out of a fairy tale, except this one is real.

Instead of a sled and reindeer, Bill relied on planes, organizing air-lifts to carry countless children to their dream destination.  

Elves?  Thank goodness, yes!!!  There are countless volunteers and staff who embrace Bill’s vision of making kids dreams come true. Work like this takes a village, and there never ceases to be a need for helpers.

And just like Santa, Bill did his work behind the scenes, disappearing from the limelight to let the fun unfold. It was always about the kids.

Let’s not forget “Mrs. Claus”!  Bill’s wife, Kate, has been a true partner in supporting the organization her husband founded. As President of the Sunshine Foundation she works tirelessly for the kids, putting herself out there as their champion, asking for support, fighting the good fight, stretching past her comfort zone in order to further the cause she believes in so deeply. Kate radiates sunshine, sharing it warmly… and I’d venture a guess that she’d put the real Mrs. Claus to shame!

Yes, my friend Bill Sample was a modern day Santa if there was one. He found a way to help make sick children’s lives a little more joyful. Through the Sunshine Foundation, he gave their families a special gift by providing something that they could not make happen on their own.


Bill Sample left this world for a better one on June 4th, 2014.

It is now up to all of us to carry on the work he started. While he never asked for attention or accolades, I can’t imagine that he didn’t leave this life with a great deal of pride at what he accomplished.

By making kids dreams come true he made his own dream come true…making kids lives brighter.

I was fortunate to know Bill Sample and was inspired by his vision and fortitude. He had a heart every bit as big as Santa’s.  We all remember how hard it was to say good-bye to Santa…and as difficult as it is to say good-bye to Bill, I bid him a fond adieu with a twinkle in my eye. He would want it that way.

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