Birthday Diorama!

Jul 8, 2014


It seems to happen the same way every year…as June enters its third week or so, I escape to the beach to hide out for my birthday…well, not exactly hide out, but I do love spending some June days in solitude by the sea. It is a great time for reflection and rejuvenation.

When I return to my work world, I hope that my birthday has passed by quietly without a fuss. But, low and behold, my team at Kathy Davis Studios is always cooking up a special and unique twist on my annual birthday card!  For as many years as I can remember, one of our team members gets nominated for the task of creating a birthday card like no other. After all, that’s what we do…design greeting cards. But there are NO RULES for this kind of card – so creativity is always in full bloom!

Over the years, I’ve received many beautiful cards…and for about the past 10 years these cards have taken to 3D! I’ve received a pinata, a colorful “butterfly box”, a board game, a fabric banner and a life size 3D birthday cake…all with the added dimension of individual messages from each of our team members!

This year our talented Jackie got the “honor”! Jackie is one of those rare people who seems to be able to do EVERYTHING beautifully! She certainly didn’t disappoint with this large 3D shadow diorama
featuring our studio building and a garden of greetings! Each circle flower has an individual message written on the back by a team member – and some of our designers even added embellishment! The wooden stems are pics that stick into a styrofoam base. An engineering feat!

I love my team!

Jackie – you never cease to amaze (…and guys… you can stop this tradition any time now…really you can.)

My heartfelt thanks to everyone for making my birthday so very special!!!

All My Best,
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