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Happy Holidays!

by Kathy Davis Studios| December 20 , 2016


The holidays are a beautiful time to reach out to the special people in our lives… and remember with gratitude, someone as wonderful as YOU. Sending a BIG holiday hug with love and thanks for following and inspiring us all year long. May this season be truly special for you.

Last minute gifts under $30!

by Kathy Davis Studios| December 13 , 2016


You know how it goes…you receive an unexpected invite to a holiday gathering…an out-of-town friend texts to say she’ll be visiting next weekend and wants to meet for coffee…or one person manages to disappear from your gift radar. And you’re stuck without a gift! Don’t panic…just check out these last-minute gift ideas all under $30!

1. Our sweet holiday ornament ($8.00) is the best way to share Joy.
    You’ll always be remembered when they trim the tree.

2. Perfect for the cook/chef in your life: pair this pretty Poinsettia Cutting
($16.00) with fresh fruit or a gift card to a favorite gourmet market!

3. For the friend who loves decorating every room for the holidays, our
    Hope, Peace, Joy accent pillow ($29.99) makes the perfect gift.

4. To really warm someone’s heart, wrap up this festive Christmas mug
. If you like, pair it with a favorite coffee, tea or cocoa.

5. This sweet apron ($25) is a must-have accessory during the holiday baking
     season. To add a personal touch, include your own favorite holiday
     cookie recipes.

6. For the host, choose this sweet holiday gift set ($25.00)! Add a hot cocoa
     mix or fill the mugs with a favorite holiday treat for a personal touch.

Share Joy

by Kathy Davis Studios| December 01 , 2016


Joy shows up in December in so many great ways…children delighting in the magic of the season…families reuniting for holiday celebrations…carolers singing on a winter night. The takeaway? Joy is meant to be shared. This month’s new Kathy Davis™ wallpaper freebies are a cheerful reminder that Joy has a special way of expanding when it’s shared with others. How do you share Joy during the holidays?


Desktop wallpapers are available with or without a calendar; smart phone wallpapers include the art along with a quote.

iPhone wallpaper:

iPhone 5 | iPhone 6 | iPhone 6 Plus | iPhone 7

Desktop wallpaper with calendar:

1280 x 800 | 1440 x 900 | 1680 x 1050 | 2560 x 1440

Desktop wallpaper without calendar:

1280 x 800 | 1440 x 900 | 1680 x 1050 | 2560 x 1440

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Connecting from the Heart

by Kathy Davis Studios| November 30 , 2016

Making holiday card writing meaningful and memorable


Sending and receiving holiday cards is such a cherished tradition. Taking the time to express a heartfelt wish in a card is an act of caring that reminds the recipient of their special place in our lives.


A wonderful way to connect with loved ones, writing holiday cards can also create memorable moments of togetherness at home. All you need is a little advance planning to make this a fun and festive activity for the whole family.


Begin by organizing different stations with everything you’ll need: the cards and envelopes, stamps and labels, a list of addresses, pens and markers, and any embellishments you’d like to add. You can designate roles — card writer, addresser, stamper and stuffer, list-checker, etc. — to get everyone involved.

To create a festive scene, put on your favorite holiday music or movies, and have a mix of no-fuss seasonal snacks and drinks on hand.


When it comes to signing each card, remember even a few, hand-written words of kindness, love and appreciation can create a moment of heartwarming connection with the recipient. To personalize even more, consider including a family photo or short letter sharing news of the year (download our free newsletter template to get you started), adding a touch of humor by writing from the perspective of the family pet or baby, or decorating each envelope with baker’s twine and a cute accent.


We all love receiving a little holiday cheer in the mail, and this makes sending it a true shared joy! Click here to shop our new holiday boxed cards.

Express Gratitude

by Kathy Davis Studios| November 23 , 2016

Easy Steps To Express Gratitude


When you say thank you, you affirm your appreciation. When you express gratitude, you are saying out loud to the world: “I love this and want more of this in my life.”

What are you grateful for? Your beating heart? Your dog’s wagging tail when you walk in the door? The juicy delicious apples that grow on trees? The snowstorm that let you stay home and snuggle under a blanket? The handwritten note you received in the mail? The airline voucher that invites you to travel to see friends?

Have you ever heard that “gratitude” is a state of being? Ever wondered how to travel to that state of happiness and bliss? Here is a simple practice to take you there any time, anywhere.

Easy Steps to Express Gratitude

     1. Shift your awareness to all the good stuff, instead of focusing on
         anything that went wrong today.

     2. Grab your favorite journal and make a list of at least 10 things you
          are grateful for, no matter how small. If you have more than 10
          items, keep writing until your list feels complete.

     3. After you finish writing, take a deep breath and read over all the
         items on your list.

     4. Connect with any feelings of warmth or happiness, and invite them
          to grow and spread throughout your entire body. Allow the feelings
          to spread into the room around you, until you are completely filled
          with and surrounded by gratitude.

     5. Breathe and smile. Beautiful! You are now in a state of gratitude.


Contributor: Erin Owen, mother of 2 boys, author of Refuel, Recharge, and Re-energize: Your Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Time and Energy, is a Transformational Life Coach for Leaders. Learn more at

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