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Brighten her Day with a Birthday Wish

by Kathy Davis Studios| March 13 , 2017

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Introducing WomanKind

by Kathy Davis Studios| March 03 , 2017

They’re innovators and trailblazers. Visionaries. Self-starters. Who step up to do the good and be the love they’d like to see in their communities. They’re ordinary women doing extraordinary things. And we’re honored to celebrate them. This is WomanKind, where making a difference means sharing your passions and gifts with the world.


This month, Tarsha and Keisha Scovens, founders of Let’s Go Outdoors and Urban Outdoor Initiatives, share their story of how they parlayed their love of nature and family into a movement that is inspiring minority city dwellers to get outside.

Tarsha and Keisha Scovens are raising the next generation of environmental stewards.

The twins founded the Philadelphia-based organization Let’s Go Outdoors to connect African-Americans living in the city to experiences in nature.

While national studies by the Outdoor Foundation repeatedly show participation in such activities is lowest among African-Americans, the two didn’t have to look to such reports to know minorities aren’t among America’s many outdoor enthusiasts.


Growing up in the city of Norwalk, Conn., the sisters’ idea of outdoor recreation was playing kickball or Wiffle ball on the neighborhood streets with their friends. But then they joined AmeriCorps straight out of college and drove across the country to Utah, where they were stunned by the beauty of national parks like Arches and Zion.

“We had never seen landscapes of that magnitude, and it really impacted us,” says Keisha. “As we were out there visiting those places, we realized there was nobody out there like us. The random few we ran into we were so excited to see but we thought, ‘Why aren’t there more?’ ”

When the women started Let’s Go Outdoors in 2012, it wasn’t only in response to that nagging question. By then, they were moms, and it was important to them to raise their daughters with a love for the outdoors.

“Our whole mission is about engaging families and reminding them that this is your opportunity to give your kids something more,” says Tarsha, whose girls are 5 and 3. “Our kids are the future of our environment. The sooner you get them out there, the sooner they’ll get excited about it.”


Let’s Go Outdoors connects city communities to the outdoors by offering activities such as fishing, camping, canoeing and nature wellness walks. Programs like Baby Sensations introduce little ones to the sights, sounds and textures of the outdoors at an early age, while some events inspire a greater curiosity about the natural world through games, playful movement and arts and crafts.

“Our goal is to make the outdoors accessible, friendly and fun,” says Keisha, whose daughter is 8. “These are things if you plan accordingly, prepare and get the right guidance, they’re easy — and they’re good for your overall well-being.”


While the focus is always on fun, every activity is rooted in teaching participants to be more environmentally conscious. LGO often partners with area conservation and environmental organizations to educate families on topics ranging from water pollution to preserving animal habitats.

In low-income, high-poverty neighborhoods, where the twins run Urban Outdoor Initiatives, the nonprofit arm of their organization, the focus is on getting families to notice the natural world right outside their door, from identifying trees and birds to the sources of stormwater runoff.

“We’re trying to send a message that you can’t just think about nature as ‘Oh, it isn’t for us,’ ” says Keisha. “The environment is a part of everything we do, the paper we write on, the water we wash with, the fish we eat.”


Eventually, they plan to expand their programming to include a therapeutic component, connecting the mental health population and individuals with speech disabilities to the benefits of the outdoors. Keisha is a certified language and speech pathologist while Tarsha’s background in higher education includes helping those in mental health recovery to meet their educational and employment goals.

“We’re establishing a legacy together through our organization, which is wonderful and provides greater joy in our life,” she says.

Closer to home, both women say their work, which has strengthened their bond as sisters, has also made them more present as mothers.

And they’re inspiring their daughters to be more than future conservationists and nature lovers.

“We’re teaching them to be passionate about their dreams and be bold enough to take a risk to do what they love,” says Tarsha, “even if they don’t ‘look like’ or fit the mold of others involved.”

Beauty in the moment

by Kathy Davis Studios| March 01 , 2017

Brighten up your day with our latest, spring-inspired March wallpaper featuring bright yellow hues, watercolor flowers and whimsical butterflies. We hope it provides an opportunity to pause and appreciate the ever-changing beauty in our daily lives.

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Valentine’s Day Memories

by Kathy Davis Studios| February 10 , 2017

Valentine’s Day arrives with sweet nostalgia…and opportunities to make new memories! Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day stories from the Kathy Davis team.

The most thoughtful Valentines I’ve received have been from the children in my life. As an art teacher, I would get such sweet homemade little Valentines filled with teacher-love. As a parent, I cherished the Valentines written by my own two children, with love notes in their adorable printing, covered with hearts of every color.

The year after my mom lost her partner of 18 years, my boyfriend at the time took us both out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. He’d made reservations at a restaurant I always wanted to go to and suggested inviting my mom, knowing how hard the day would be on her because her partner always made a big deal of celebrating her on Valentine’s Day. His thoughtfulness was incredibly touching to me.

When I was in fourth grade, our teacher asked us to make little “mailboxes” for our class Valentines. She was probably just expecting a glittery shoebox. But when my dad offered to help me, the project became much more unique. Out of thick white paper he helped me construct a realistic looking mailbox with a working door topped with a little heart flag! I was extremely proud of it. Every Valentine’s Day I smile when I remember working together and how his creativity influenced me then…and still inspires me to this very day!

When I was in early elementary school, my mother and I would shop for a package of Valentines. I’d spread them out on our living room floor, carefully selecting my favorites for my closest girlfriends and my least favorites for the “annoying boys.” On Valentine’s Day at school, the teacher would choose the “postman” to deliver the Valentines to everyone in the class, and we’d have cupcakes topped with plastic hearts and pink and red sprinkles and of course, conversation hearts.

My boyfriend wrote me a letter instead of sending flowers last year.  It was something unexpected from him and meant so much more to me than any material item.


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