The Art of Thoughtful Gift Giving: Simple Tips to Help You Buy That Perfect Gift

Apr 13, 2016


APR_SM2_BLOG(Look below for a free downloadable tool to help take the stress out of gift-giving!)

Some people are just natural gift-givers, leaving a trail of wow’s in the wake of sharing their thoughtfully chosen present. Others struggle every time a special celebration looms. They go the expensive route, thinking a big, showy gift is sure to be appreciated. Or they ignore the hints the gift recipient’s been dropping all along in favor of something they believe shows a little more thought and care.

This month, we offer a few suggestions to help take the stress out of gift-giving for just about any occasion. With some advanced planning and a little extra attention, you, too, can be the giver of an ultra-thoughtful, wow-worthy gift.

These five tips will show you how.

1.  Pay attention to clues
 To avoid the mad scramble for the “perfect” gift that can happen before a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion, become a silent detective. When you’re around the recipient, watch and listen for the things they love, the new discoveries that are exciting them, or the favorites you never even knew they had. Are they drawn to dragonflies? Do they love the color turquoise? Does the scent of lavender conjure up instant relaxation? Keep track of such clues to take the guesswork out of making that special purchase.

2.  Keep a list — and a collection
Think about what the people in your life tend to gravitate toward. Once you identify the recipient as a sports enthusiast, crafter, nature lover, or whatever their passion happens to be, keep a list of things you might want to get them. If you spot something that speaks to their hobbies or lifestyle well in advance of their special day, buy it and store it away (just make note of the purchase so you don’t forget!).  That way you eliminate the stress of the last-minute hunt for the ideal gift.

3.  Expand your reach
If you’re not in constant contact with the recipient or around them enough to pick up on any clues they might drop, don’t hesitate to reach out to a best friend or family member — someone who may be more intimately familiar with their tastes and interests. And don’t forget social media: a Pinterest board or Instagram account can be fabulous places to learn what’s captured their attention.

4.  Offer your services
Maybe you’ve heard your loved one complain about a particular errand, lament their lack of “me” time or admit to struggling with a project. Offering a gift of your skills, time or talents can afford something even more valuable than a physical token of your affection: peace of mind. Can you organize a home office, wash the car, or babysit the kids for two hours so they can have some quiet to themselves? A gift of service is not only an expression of caring it helps the recipient feel better about themselves and some aspect of their lives.

5.  Give the gift of experience.
A meaningful gift is about enhancing relationships, whether it’s with family or friends. A museum membership, a spa day, or theater tickets all make memorable gifts that encourage spending time together. Similarly, choosing an activity the recipient’s always wanted to explore is a wonderful way to support a goal while making fun memories.

Instructions for download:
Click here to download the 8.5×11 PDF printable gift guide. When the image pops up in a new window, simple right click and save.

Once you’ve printed the guide, which comes 2 sheets to a page, cut the sheet in half and you are ready to fill out for the people you love!

Enjoy and be sure to let us know how these help you celebrate the people in your life!

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