Argentina Adventure: Part 2 – Patagonia

Sep 25, 2013



After our whirlwind road trip in the northwest of Argentina, we had to take 2 flights to get to El Calafate in Patagonia in the far south. While I kind of dreaded the idea of winter weather in August, this journey into snow and ice was well worth it!

What a stunningly beautiful, unspoiled part of the world! Vast plains with grazing sheep and horses, gorgeous snow-covered mountains and air so clean and crisp and refreshing. On our last day there, a boat tour gave us a close-up view of the Pietro Moreno glacier. I will never forget the sight of this masterpiece of nature. One of my favorite craft discoveries was from a talented wood carver named Christian who created amazing spoons and sculptures from wood in the local area. (And one more tid-bit… Teri Hatcher and her daughter were staying at our same small hotel! But no pics…you could tell she wanted her privacy!)

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