Argentina Adventure: Part 1 – The Northwest

Sep 23, 2013



As you may know, I recently had the good fortune to spend a few weeks traveling to various parts of Argentina. To do it justice, I am going to do a 4 part blog series to share with you a tiny bit of the inspiration I gathered!

The first leg of our journey was to the rugged northwest part of Argentina, specifically in the regions of Salta and Jujuy. These areas are famous for their incredible scenery of colorful Andes mountains, stretches of white salt flats, herds of llamas and sheep and cattle, and some incredible wineries. This meant a road trip for my adventurous husband and I! We put many miles on our rental car, and in spite of my struggle with some altitude sickness and car sickness, the beauties of the area were not diminished! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention crafts…the small mountain villages were brimming with woven textiles, pottery and silver. I only wish I would have brought more of it home with me!

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